“time after time……”

I hate time sometimes. Most times I guess. Take today for example. I was awoken early yesterday for reasons unbeknownst to me. Well, actually I know why. Rick woke me up. I got home late since I closed last night so I didn’t stay up late once I got home. I had some dinner and then went to bed. Rough night of sleep. Started dreaming of work again. Crazy dreams and then around four or five am Rick jumped up and said it’s thundering.
So I got up because I had to go to the bathroom and on my way back to the bedroom I stopped to look out the window with Rick. We sat there for about thirty minutes watching the storm. It was pretty intense. Since I couldn’t see the storm too well from the living room I decided to go back to bed. Rick soon followed and I fell back asleep. Once again I was wakened by Rick. This time at nine thirty am. Rick is sitting on the edge of the bed telling me something about he has a call. I don’t know. I was still asleep!! Rough……..
I love you ALL