“Touch his butt!!”

I told Candace this last night as we watched the Bill and Ted show. The
Hoff was standing a row or two right in front of where we were sitting.
He was a little too far away for her to grab his butt but I think she
would’ve if she could’ve.

So obviously we went to Halloween Horror Nights last night. This was
the second to last night we can go. Sunday is our last night. And you
better believe were going!!

We got through the metal detectors and in the gates and this guy told
us to stop for a picture and I said “no thank you,” and we kept on
walking. I turned around and he was staring at us and I said to Candy:
“He’s not even wearing funny clothes.” (I meant to say scary clothes.
But I didn’t have time to because as I said that I turned around again
and he was still right behind me!!) So we were laughing and moving on
and this guy kept on following us. He followed us down past Shrek and
we turned right and he was still right behind us. We went through the
scare zone and he did too. We finally stopped and said “if you take our
picture will you quit following us?” (We were laughing as we said it.
We weren’t being mean!!) So he took our picture and as we walked away
he said something. I turned back around and was like: “what?” He said
“I’m not wearing funny clothes!” And that was that. Well not really.
Candy wrote my phone number down on the paper with the picture on it
but when she went back to give it to him he couldn’t find him! Not that
is that.

I’m watching Most Haunted on the Travel Channel again. I love this
show. LOVE IT! This medium is hilarious. He get’s possessed all the
time. Funny stuff. I mean it’s not funny that he’s getting possessed
but it’s that I don’t really believe him!

I’m gonna go. I love you ALL


“Which is the best house??”

This was asked by some drunken
floozie behind us in line on Thursday(?).  We were in line for
PsychoScarapy. That’s Jack’s house. I thought it was going to be much
much scarier. But not too bad. I’ve been through that house twice I
think. Maybe three times. We’ve been through every house but one twice.
Oh yeah. And we’ve seen the show like seven times. Bill and The Hoff
sat right next to Candy!! That was funny.  Were going to go again
on Thursday; I guess that’s tomorrow. I’m trying to talk Danielle in to
coming!! She says she doesn’t want to. But I want to see her get
scared!!! (Sorry Daneille!)

I had something to write about
and now it has all left my head! How typical!! Um…..Halloween is
coming up. So if your reading this and you know where I live: COME AND
HELP US!!! Candace and mom made the framework for our maze and Candy
and I put the cardboard boxes up. She started spray painting them. Were
going to have to finish that sometime. Sometime soon!! We just have a
little after that to do. We need to make the coffin and just place the
other decorations around.

Then Thanksgiving after that.
Wow. Were driving up to Indiana for that. Were going to leave Tuesday
night after everyone gets off work. Should be fun. I’m excited. I
really can’t wait. Danielle, of course, is coming up with us. John
isn’t going to. He’s going to watch our house. And doggie, and kitties.

I think I remember what I was
going to say! While I was at Becky’s I watched this show called “Most
Haunted.” It’s hilarious!! I love watching other people get scared from
ghosts!! If I were there I would pee my pants! No doubt! This show is
amazing because the host(ess) is really scared every show. She’s the
one screaming. Funny. They have mediums and paranormal artists and
that’s interesting. The artists sit around the house all day and they
draw the energies that they see and they are dead on!! It’s amazing to
see some of it. The medium though is hilarious and, in my opinion, a
fake!! The first show I saw with him in it he became possessed with a
spirit and the host is asking what there name is and the name the
medium(who’s possessed) gives them is like a phony. They can’t find any
information on that name connected to the house at all. Second show I
see with him in it, the same thing happens. He gets possessed and the
name he gives is like a phony. So I think he’s just a loser. Not
really. Because when he’s talking to the host when there walking around
the house he pin points everything. The date. The names involved in it.
Almost everything. But if he gets possessed than he loses it.

Well I was watching that show
today and the medium didn’t get possessed. One of the team was pushed
by “something” and that was interesting to watch. He was pretty shook
up. But after that show was over I was flipping channels and I saw this
show called “Celebrity Paranormal Experiment.” I remember this show
from years ago and I guess there bringing it back with current
celebrities. It’s where celebrities go into a sanitarium and they have
missions. And they go together and then seperately. Hal Sparks and Gary
Buse were on this episode with some others (didn’t know them). Hal had
to go up to the roof where the playground was where a boy ghost named
Timmy played ball. And Hal was tossing balls around and one of them
came back!!! And then he saw a shadow walk across a door. Wow, it was
freaky!! He said he could see the eyes!! It was interesting. I liked it
alot. I want to see another episode.

So what else is going on??
Um……Yazmine threw up in my car today!! I was driving and all of a
sudden I hear her. And it sounds like just water coming up. It pretty
much was. And she kept on doing it. Like five times. So I pulled over
and I’m trying to clean her up and I’m gagging because I can’t take
it!! So once we got back to her house I sprayed my car with Fabreeze
like crazy. Hopefully that smell will go away!!! That was such a
horrible experience!!!!! Yucky. I don’t think I want kids today! If so,
I’m having a nanny with me always!! ALWAYS!!

I guess that’s it: I love you ALL



Here are some more quotes from Halloween Horror Nights:
“I love James Blunt!”
“I’m on fire!!”
“Who do you think you are? Lindsay Lohan?”
“Who wants some of this Pirate booty?”
“Everyone get out of the theater!”
“Bring it she-man.”
“This may be the rum but I swear I see a green little man swinging those swords around.”
“If you act like your scared it makes them feel better.”

All of
those quotes are from the Bill and Ted show except that last one.
Candace said that to me while we were walking through a scare zone. I
wasn’t scared. And Candy told me to act scared because then the “scary
people” would feel like they were doing their job! So….I didn’t. I
kept on walking letting Candace hang on me!! I was going to record the
Bill and Ted show but as I turned on my camera it turned right off. I
was flabbergasted! Maninly because I had been charging that battery for
two days. So I don’t understand. I guess I’m going to have to get a new
battery. If only they weren’t sooo exspensive!! Anywho….

we went to the Bill and Ted show we went through the Bates Motel house
and the people in front of us were screamers!! They were two black
girls and the one kept on putting her hood up and trying to run
backwards!! It was hilariuos. We kept on pushing her forward! We went
to Steak N Shake afterwards.

we got there their were people standing around outside. I don’t
understand why that’s cool? It took about two minutes to get a seat and
then the waitress said she would get to us when she could!! She was the
only waitress working. Hello??!?!! We waited forty minutes for our
food. And then once our food got there then our drinks came!! All of it
came together! Unbelievable. Candy said we weren’t going to go there

backing up a bit. I don’t think I wrote about Friday night. We went to
the ballet. Mom knows the principle dancer so that was cool. We got to
go backstage. Fun stuff. Heard Ludacris, who was performing outside the
TD Waterhouse. Exciting.

Saturday I went shopping with mom and dad and Candy met us for supper
at Fazoli’s. Been a long time since I’ve eaten there. I missed it. Big
time. Those breadsticks!!! Yummy. I’m hungry writing this. Maybe I’ll
grab some Fazoli’s. Have to see. Once I got home me and Adam played
Dance Dance Revolutions. It had been an extremely long time since I’ve
played that. Adam wasn’t doing as good as he did months and years ago!!
But as we kept playing it got easier. Not the jumping but I didn’t do
as bad as I thought I would.

I woke up butt early to go to church. I didn’t know if the choir was
going to sing so I wanted to get there early to practice but as it
turns out we didn’t sing so I got there early for nothing.
Anywho……service was good. Went home and then I went to pick up
Danielle for the Southern Women’s Show. What a blast that was!!!
Hundreds of people there! Had sooo much fun. I can’t wait for next
year! At the end of the day it looked like they were going to have a
fashion show so we found some seats and sat down. A few minutes later
the MC starts talking about this camp about for burn victims and then a
fireman comes out!!! Oh yeah. All the firemen that came out were really
strippers(Not really!!! But they could’ve been.). They were all taking
off their clothes and dancing around!! It was hilarious!! I was having
a great time. I gave some money!! What was that guys name Danielle???

that I went home and found mom, dad, Candace, Paul and Cheryl Fuhrman
standing in our driveway and there’s cop cars at the Fuhrmans house.
I’m like what happened?? Turns out some guys were parked in the grass
on the side of their house so dad called Paul and Paul told him to call
the cops. So he did; Paul and Cheryl came over but as they came the car
pulled away. But they found it on the same street, just on the other
side. So the cop went over and talked to them. Nothing really came of
it. So after all that excitement Candace and I went to Halloween Horror
Nights. That’s where the beginning of this story starts.

on to Monday; I went to bible study. Last week I said how much of an
outcast I felt like, well this week was much better. Everyone kind of
talked. One person wasn’t there and that was good. Everyone really
pitched in and gave input. It was nice. We talked about the story of
Jesus talking to the Samritan woman at the well. Pretty easy story.
Still though it seems like I know more about it than anyone else. I
don’t want to sound like a snob but that’s what that sounds like!! I’m
not a snob. But I don’t understand why I’m the smart one because we all
know I’m not the smart one! Anywho…. good times. Got home and watched
some tv and went to beddy bye poo. Woke up this morning at eight and
laid in bed for awhile before I got up. I’m gonna go so I LOVE YOU ALL


I’ve been to Hall Halloween Horror Nights four nights now. So these quotes come from there:

“We’ve got lovely lady lumps!”
“I just came here to dance!”
“We used to be dude’s.”   
“Kit, where are you?”
“Haven’t you ever heard of WD-40 you little green @!&*!^%!”
“Up, up and I’m gay!!”
“I’m sailing away!!”

Ok, so like I said, theses are all from Halloween Horror Nights. From the show. The Bill and Ted’s Halloween Adventure. Hilarious!!!! If you don’t believe me you can ask Andria; she’s been there too. So funny stuff. I’m going again tomorrow night. Oh yeah!! Snootchy Bootchy.

Adam went with us and he had hurt his knee so we rented a wheelchair. Got through the houses with some issues. There was this one and almost at the end this “scary guy” stood in our way. I was like your in our way! He didn’t move!! So I said again “your still in our way!” He finally moved a little bit. But not a lot. Anywho….. had a good time. Ithink we all did. Were going to rent one everytime just so we can get in the show earlier. I love you ALL


“They call me George Foreman ’cause I’m selling everybody grilz.”

I was listening to this song the other day. I think it was on the way back from youth group. Not sure. But I like it. I don’t know if I’ve quoted it before or not. Probaly. But who cares? Does anybody read this anymore? Does that matter? No. At least not to me. I don’t think anyone else cares either. Blah, Blah, Blah!!

Went to bible study the other night. Weird. Awkward. Uncomfortable. All nice words to describe that night. I got there first but not for long. During the bible study noone wanted to say anything. Noone wanted to talk, discuss, nothing. It was beyond weird. What’s the worst is that I felt like I was this outcast. I’m not sure why. But I felt like everyone was avoiding me. I put deoderant on. Like I was the third wheel. Everyone was cliqued together. Except me. Weird. A few people left and I still sat there waiting for more to leave since I was parked closest. Well this other girl just sat there and Brandee and Lindy just sat there. I know they got there last. I was annoyed! They just sat there and nobody talked! Nobody!! So finally the other girl got up and I did too. We left and then once I was at the door Lindy and Brandee got up to leave. AAAGH!

Anywho……I’m watching Batman Begins again. I really like this movie. Christian Bale is amazing. Can you believe he was in Little Women?? (Laurie) And Cillian Murphy is an amzing bad guy. Kudos to him. To them both.

Were going to Halloween Horror Nights tonight. I know I haven’t written anything in awhile. Not like last year. Adam’s going tonight so that’ll be fun. He didn’t go last year and tonight is his first night. It’ll be fun going through the houses with him. Were going to make him go first!!! I bet he screams like a little girl!!! I assume he will. Maybe not. The houses really aren’t that scary. You just got to look around. You can tell where everyone is going to come out to scare you. So to me there not scary. What’s scary is Candace pulling my pants up(yes up) and then swinging me around so the “scary people” are looking at me.

It’s crazy how much strength a scared girl can conjure up!! It must be like when children are in serious peril and their mom’s can lift hundreds of pounds to save them. Anyone remember Rocket Man??? (He makes the other guy astronaut call him mommy so that he can lift the car up form on top of him.) Yeah. Funniest movie ever!!! Go rent it now. And invite me over to watch it. I haven’t seen it in years!!! Not since we saw it at Andy’s house. (Remember that Andy? You didn’t want to see it!!)

So I’m trying to do Sodoku again. My mind isn’t that great. It’s supposed to be good for your brain. Like crossword puzzles. Well……it shows how well my brain works!! I’ll end it here. I love you ALL