“Veronica’s a song that’s in my head. Veronica’s a name I’ve often said. Her friends say she’s too good for me. Kinda like a West Side Story.”

Back to LFO today. Can’t stop singing this song……….aggggggghhhhhhhhh!! Help me!

So I was looking at the calendar today at work, (Putting in the wedding shower) and I noticed that next month is May. My birthday month (and Johns, and Lynns), and yet again I don’t know what I’m going to do for my birthday. I was thinking Universal like I thought last year and then I remember how many issues I went through last year just trying to pick a date. And then I was thinking a party at our house like usual……..That’s what will probaly happen.

But it’s my 25th birthday. It’s supposed to be huge. I want a huge birthday. (I don’t know that many people so I don’t know how it would be huge.) I plan my party every year. Not that I’m complaining too much about that; I do enjoy it some. But, come on……

So back to the begining again. I don’t know what I want to do. Maybe my problem is that I focus on what other people would like instead of what I want. Mabye I’ll go to Universal on my birthday anyway; without any of my friends because there too busy, or too broke, or just plain forgot I existed!! Whew. Got some aggression out there. Feeling good. Well, I will.


“When I met her I said my name was Rich. I like girls from Abercrombie and Fitch.”

The greatest soon to be sister of mine let me borrow her “white girl old school” CD’s. LFO baby!!! They were awesome. I remember when they started on Disney…. a long time ago. I remember thinking that they were going to be huge. Well….they weren’t huge but they lasted for about a whole year. That’s not bad. They put out a few singles and they were awesome. And of course being on a Disney label didn’t hurt.

Anywho……besides listening to that back in the day music I finally put songs on my IPOD. I know, it’s like been forever. Finally got them on there and for the first time, drum roll, I listened to music on my Ipod. I rode my bike and listened to music. Who knew it could be done??

Bobby sent me some silly quiz on flixster.com. Anybody heard of that website? There’s a whole bunch of quizzes and you can make up your own about whatever you want. I couldn’t think of anything interesting so I didn’t make one up. I know, I know, your all bummed, aren’t you??

Biggest news of all is that our family is starting a diet. The whole stinking family. And it’s all mom’s fault!!! Her blood work came back and it was really bad so now we all have to suffer. I take that back: only me and dad have to suffer. Well, mom does too. But it’s her fault so she doesn’t count!! We started yesterday and when I came home dad was already cheating. Oh yeah….I caught him in the act! So, it’s not that bad I guess. Fruit is awesome, salads rock but the vegetables are killing me!!! We had stirfry last night and I ate squash and carrots and I wanted to barf. Everyone knows me: I HATE VEGGIES!! You’ve seen how I look, does it look like I eat them?? No, but now I am trying to not focus on the taste!! Yuck!! I’m eating baby carrots right now without any ranch and I want to gag. Blah……..maybe I’ll lose some weight for the cruise??

Speaking of…..Sunday me and mom and Danielle went dress shopping to find mom her dress. We went to Dillards and started there. (We’ve found some really awesome/cheap dresses there.) Picked up a few, tried them on and mom found one that was gorgeous. She didn’t like it. Apparently not since she didn’t buy it. We tried on more and she fell in love with this one that she did buy. It’s ok, It’s pretty mom! Just I liked the other one better!!!

We went to to JC Penny’s after that and I tried on a dress…..forgot to mention that Danielle found a dress!! Beautiful. And a size that was smaller!!! Ok, back to my dress. The rehearsal dinner is fancy/formal. So I needed a dress and this dress I tried on was spectacular. I hope I do lose a pound or two (no comments on that please!!) so it’ll look even better!!!

This weekend we are helping Adam and Danielle move furniture from Sebring. Renting a huge UHaul and going down there to pick up practically a whole house!! Very cool beaners…..

Have to finish planning a wedding shower for Danielle. Whoo. Need to get the addresses from Danielle!!

Ok, guess that’s it. I love you ALL


“B-I-N-G-O,  I-N-G-O, and Bingo was his name-o.”

I officially hate that song!! HATE IT! Yazmine woke up at seven am this morning. SEVEN AM!! I got up and I was like come on Yazmine, let’s go back to bed. She was all like Nooooooooooo! So I tried to put on cartoons but lo and behold Judy had forgotten to pay the cable (shocker!!). So I put on Gromit, Wallace and Gromit. So she goes and sits down in her room. And I go back to bed!! Well, I tried. She started singing Bingo at the top of her lungs! Agggggghhhhhh. So to make a long story short I got up, gave her a muffin and yogurt and sat down. Blah!

Ok, weird-o dream-o…..sorry. Still got Bingo in my head-o. I guess it’s been a few nights, maybe a week or two since I’ve had this dream. It’s night time and this class is at an amusement park. It’s closed but were there on a field trip there. I know. Weird. I come walking along with KEVING COSTNER at my side. What the heck, Right? I have no idea why I would be dreaming about him. But apparently, in dream world, I’m dating him. Yeah, that’s right. I’m dating Kevin Costner. Why in the world?? Exactly what I’m thinking. That’s like the whole dream, just walking around this dark theme park with Kevin Costner and all the other students but the teacher is walking with me and Kevin Costner. I’m sure he was trying to protect me from the crazy man. Whatever…….mom, if your reading this ask Tina what the heck this means!!!! And don’t forget to ask her about the Jack Nicholson dream too!!! Because I’m sure you already did. Forget that is.

Yesterday out of the blue some guy IM-ed me on AIM. I was like Do I know you?? He was like no…….tell me about yourself. I swear!! Do only foreign men who want American women IM me??? What in the world? I was um…….ok. I’ll see ya later. Crazy stuff………crazy stuff. And then like an hour later some carpenter that worked at Disney IM-ed me. Where are these people getting the idea I want to talk to them?? He didn’t seem like a psycho. His profile did say he was Wiccan though so….. 

Oh, funny story about IM-ing. My picture on AIM is of Dracula from the show at Universal. And in the background is Hip, or Hop. Don’t remember which. So someone, who I didn’t know, IM-ed me and asked if I was that girl in the picture. I thought he was talking about the one with me and the Grinch hat on and I was like yeah, duh. He was like wow. I didn’t realize it till later what the heck he was talking about. Funny stuff.

I have to go. Hungry…..I love you ALL


“Hey, Hey. You. You. I don’t like your girlfriend.”

That song is sooo stuck in my head. I haven’t seen the video yet but I’ve heard it’s groovy.

Ok, haven’t written in awhile. Long while it seems. I’m gona go way back to Easter Sunday. I don’t think I ever talked about it. We went to the sunrise service at Sea World. What happened to sunrise services?? Did America get lazy and decide we didn’t want to get up any earlier than we had to on Sunday?? I mean come on. That’s what I remember about Easter. Waking up at like four in the morning so we could check out what the Easter Bunny (yes, I know he’s not real) left us in our baskets!! Then having our little egg hunt and getting decked out to go to church. And I mean decked out. Hat, gloves, tights, nice shoes and of course a brand new dress!! So here are some pics of this years Easter Sunday.


98RX8CALHCUOYCAITVBL1CAIW0XKICA0656U6CAGGAY8KCAVTYLJ8CAX4Z5KQCANV7JQRCAWZ3MQACABNDZY3CAO3ZNL0CAWTHOJ The clouds were there the whole time. They only broke for a few minutes and then they were right back.


q84918739[1] A little brigtter. Now, I downloaded two more pictures of the flag in the sunlight but of course I’m having issues with that. Who isn’t surprised? Turns out I downloaded two pictures twice. So……that was Easter morning. Later that day we went to Disney (whew) and dad was involved in the flag ceremony there. That was completely awesome. I wish I would’ve gone all those times John said to go and watch it!!


 QTRPACA85CX5YCAGPKQ4CCA4WYS0JCAUNWZ2YCATJ2IBFCA3M3NNNCAO4DX5FCATMS6VHCA8YBEE4CA7JM53VCA7RIGNGCA21TDZWe had such a great day. Didn’t get to ride but three rides. But Pirates was one of them!!! Danielle hadn’t ridden the Indy 500 cars so we did that too!!

I love you ALL







“You should take your phone with you. What if you get in a wreck or someone tries to attack you?”

This was said by my mommy last night right before I went for my bike ride. I hadn’t taken it all last week and now all of a sudden mom thinks something is going to happen to me. As long as she didn’t have a dream about it or anything! Those are weird and unusual……and thankfully none have actually happened!! (Maybe Ryan Goss looks good nowadays? I always wanted a tattoo. Long story. Maybe another day.)

So back to my bike riding. I started last Monday. Everyday last week I rode four miles. It doesn’t feel  like it. Then this past Monday I kicked things up and went eight miles. Then on Tuesday I didn’t do anything. (We got home late.) So last night, when mom told me to take my phone, I only went four miles. Tonight I’m planning on going eight miles since I skipped Tuesday.

I finally loaded ITunes on our computer. It literally took all night to download. Seriously! So all the songs are on there and now I just need to put them on my Ipod. That shouldn’t take too long. I’ll probaly do it after my ride tonight. Maybe. I know I’ve got to put some more songs on there because what’s on the computer isn’t enough for my Ipod. I need more!!

I changed my room around. I know, that excited everyone doesn’t it? Well, at first I was just going to clean my room and then it turned into changing my room around. Took me a few hours. But it’s all set up nicely. And it’s fairly clean. I still have some stuff to clean.

Oh; sad news everyone!! Get out your hankies. One of my fish died! What a tragedy. I think I can blame mom because she forgot to feed them when I went to Becky’s house for the week. I believe it was Liberace that died. Can’t honestly remember the name. Sad, isn’t it? I had to have mom throw him down the toilet. Couldn’t do it myself! Even though I think I threw Candace’s down there for her. Anywho……

This weekend will be fun. Going to eat some cake. And have it too. Anywho again….. I love you ALL


“Light the fire……..In my soul………Fan the flame…….Make me whole……”

I don’t know who wrote this song but it’s on my FuseBox CD and I love it!! It reminds me of when I was still teaching at PCC. Wow Worship. Those were some good times. I miss those times every once in awhile.

There’s not much to talk about. I have a Yahoo360 page. Whatever that is, right?

Tonight I am downloading pictures so I will try and remember to put them on tonight. Ok? Is everyone happy?

Anywho…..I love you ALL