“Will you be my Valentine?”

This is what I’m sure millions and millions of people are asking of others today. Go Hallmark! They are truly geniuses to come up with this holiday. I guess it would really suck to be allergic to chocolate around this time of year.

I was thinking today after I woke up(since I don’t think much before that!) about Valentine’s Day. I got up and opened my door and there on the floor, what could it be? But a cute little cuddly thing from my little sissy poo! A cute little pink panther. You don’t need a Valentine on Valentine’s Day; just someone who is kind. I mean you don’t need a guy to be happy today. You know what I mean. Well, if you don’t, oh well.

Back to my thinking. Earlier I was day dreaming about love and all that mushy stuff and I think every girl dreams of her perfect guy showing up at her doorstep (preferably on a white horse!) and dropping to one knee and saying that he’ll love her forever. Wouldn’t that be the most awesome thing on Valentine’s Day? I’m such a dreamer!

HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY and to those who think that they don’t have a Valentine today; don’t worry. I’ll be your Valentine!
I love you ALL


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