This past Monday night Candace and I watched half of Pirates of the Carribean so that is where today’s quotes come from!!
“That has to be the best pirate I’ve ever seen!”
“It would appear so!”
“Are you going to save her?”
“I can’t swim.”
“A fine pearl to the king’s nave you are!”

Ohmygosh how I love that movie! We didn’t even watch the whole thing because we were waiting for mom and dad to get home. So we turned the movie off when Jack has his crew from Tortuga and they are almost to the Isla De Muerte. We then went outside to Waltz in the driveway (don’t ask!). But back to Pirates; Candy and I were in Once Upon a Toy at Downtown Disney a few weeks back. We saw this Jack Sparrow doll there! Holy cow, it was too cool. It said phrases from the movie and me and Candace were amused for a few minutes!

Let me see……oh, something interesting. I embarassed myself completely on Tuesday morning. I was walking on the Oaks Blvd and I was to the intersection where you can either go straight or turn right. So I was crossing since it was clear and then all of a sudden this car turned so I started to stop. Well my shoes caught some gravel and I slid. My lright foot went straight out and my left foot came halfway back. It was perfect for my knee to get all skinned up but nothing major. It was totally embarassing because there were cars all around but I just jumped up and kept walking across the road!! Then a minute down the road this car pulled up beside me and asked me if I was alright!! How nice yet so much more embarassing! I would’ve been fine if noone would’ve noticed and gone about their morning business.

Wednesday night Nils’ tried to get somebody kicked out of Denny’s. It was funny because it was someone from FCC and our waitress played right along with us and talked to her and told her she was bothering us! It was funny. At first I didn’t realize they were from FCC. I just thought it was some random person and I couldn’t believe Nils would say such a thing. But I laughed when I got it! Dumb blonde!

When we got back to the college we played some Portugese pool. Fun game. Me and Candace (happy?) were rowdy and knocked the pool balls from the table on more than one occassion. Therefore in turn making some kids in the corner angry. Well they stared at us. Meanly! I tell ya, kids at the school are the meanest in the world. And the nosiest. (Danielle, I don’t mean you there.) Long story.

Thursday Candace and I took Pilates at the YMCA again. This time we had a different teacher and she tried to kill us! Not really but she was really working us. Which is good. I feel it today!

Oh guess what?!! Today I bought my ticket for Halloween Horror Nights. I cannot wait to go. I talked Candace into getting the pass thingy with me so I’ll have someone to go with if John or Adam can’t! I want to go tonight, I am so excited! I think I’m going to pee my pants. My mom suggested diapers!! I might look into that!! Not really. I was kidding.

So I guess I shall leave you here. Oh I almost forgot. I had this amazing dream last night and I actually remember it. I wonder if it’ll come true then. Any dream analyzers out there?? What I remember is that I was at Michael Vartan (Alias, Monster-In-Law)’s house and he had this kid; more like a baby. Now I had a kid too but she was like toddler age. The main part that I remember was that I was putting my kid down in the living room and I went back into the baby’s room where Michael was changing the baby’s diaper. He turned around and just looked at me and like I knew that we loved each other. It was good. Such a sappy dream but it makes me smile and maybe that means I’m going to marry a rich actor type that’ll love me!!!
I love you ALL


“Shiiiiiiiiiiine On!” This is Ryan Cabrera’s new song. I think it sounds pretty groovy. I’ve only heard it twice but it’s stuck in my head. I’ve been listening to Hit List for a few hours so I’ve been dancing with Mady and Ya-Ya. Good times. Yasmin is sooo funny when she dances. She just shakes her arms and it makes me crack up!!

So let’s see…….What have I been up to since I last wrote? Well, Friday night Candy and I and Nils went and saw Tim Burton’s Corpse Bride. Very good. Very good indeed! I love Johnny Depp!! Have I said that before?? After that we went home and I can’t honestly remember if we watched another movie or not! It doesn’t matter. On Saturday I got to sleep in, and sleep in I did! I didn’t get out of bed till ten a.m. Now some of you may say “That’s not very late!” Well to me it is!

So me and John and Brooke went to the Florida Mall. Had a really good time. Bought a few things. I bought this awesomely funny book at Borders about dogs. There all dressed up and they have captions that are hilarious. You should’ve heard us in that store cracking up at them. I bought that and then I was looking in the SALE section (my favorite part!) and I saw Calvin and Hobbes books. I am a huge Calvin and Hobbes fan. I used to read those books when I was like in third grade!! Does that make me sound old? Anywho….I love them and I found two that I didn’t have so I only bought one. Oh well….I have another one to buy now.

After the mall we went to Spirit Halloween Store. I love that store soooo much!! My jaw just drops whenever I go in there. If you love Halloween then you need to go in that store. Big time. So anywho…I got some stuff for my Halloween Party this year, which I will still be having!! We’ve decided that were not going to go Trick-Or-Treating this year. We are going to give out candy. So were going to decorate the garage into this scary place that kids will be terrified of!!!! I cannot wait. Have I said that Halloween is my favorite holiday???? Well it certainly is! Wait until you see my costume! I bought stuff for it yesterday too. I am sooooo excited!

So anywho…..yesterday I was a heathen (whatever) and didn’t go to church. Actually I didn’t feel well. My head was killing me and I couldn’t talk real well because my throat was soo scratchy. (You should’ve heard me singing karoke with Candy on Sat. night!!) Yeah, alrighty. When Candace and Adam got back from church we took Adam home and then we went to the movies again. Mom wanted to see Corpse Bride so we went and saw that. Dad was there too. After we saw that we wanted to watch another movie so Candy really wanted to see The 40 Year Old Virgin. I did not but since I couldn’t find another movie I saw that one.

I am so disgusted by it. I was so disgusted by it. They had way too much cussing in it. They could’ve done without that. It was just disgusting. The only thing I liked was that he did wait until he was married before he had sex and then the ending where they sang songs from “Hair.” (If you have never seen Hair before I do not recomend that movie either!!) After that movie we called Javier’s house because we were supposed to come for chinese food. We got there and ate some and then had some awesome dessert!! Go Joanne!! We chilled and I spent the night. It felt so good to just go to bed instead of riding all the way home and then trying to get to sleep and then waking up at the butt crack of dawn to walk here. Blah! Anywhoo….it was good.

So today I’m chilling. I’m going to go take a nap since the girl’s are all sleeping! I love you ALL


“My sweet 16!” What a show! What a show! Today Sweet 16 was a guy boy who was having a fashion show. Oh, what has our world turned into?? I didn’t even watch all of it because it was so blah!! But man, if it would’ve been Laguna Beach I so would’ve been watching it!! Has anybody else seen that show besides me? I’m addicted. I’m going to buy season one soon and then I’m going to buy season two as soon as it comes out!! How sad am I? Don’t answer that!! Not needed!

So last night was Wednesday night, for you slow ones, and we went to Denny’s. Danielle was sick so she didn’t come and I don’t know why Adam didn’t come so it was just John, Candy, me and Nils. At seven thirty we went to the college to see if Nils was off work to see if we could chill before we left. So before we pull into the student parking lot we decide to prank him good! We went to the library parking lot and I got into the trunk!! Candy put this gag on me and taped my writsts together!

So she shuts the trunk and gets in and they zoom over to in front of Nils’ room. They get him to come over to the car saying that John has speakers for him and all that jazz. So John pops the trunk and I pop up screaming as best I can!!! Nils’ face was sooo priceless! He screamed like a little girl and jumped back!! Wow! It was soo funny! We all couldn’t stop laughing.

We had a super time at Denny’s. Nils’ D-group leader came in so we started teasing Nils’ about things. Had to be there kind of thing. Oh, when we got back Hope (“Ho”) pulled up and Nils said “hey” and she totaly blew him off!! I felt sorry for the poor boy but oh well. Life moves on!!
I love you ALL!!


“I don’t believe…….I don’t believe!” This is from Skeleton Key. I think I already wrote that I saw this with Brooke so I won’t get into it. But I will say that it’s awesome and I want to see it again.

This weekend was awesome blossom. Danielle came and spent it with us. I hope she had fun! Friday when they came down I had Sadie and Kiara with me because Javier and Joanne and their “clan” went to Disney. Danielle is a dog lover which is such a plus with our family. So we had fun. We played some DDR and then we sang a little karoke. What a blast. Finally we went to bed. I didn’t get much sleep because Candy was sleeping in my room along with all the dogs!! Kiara slept on my bed which is a humungous no-no at her home!! Mom said that Kiara and Sadie are at grandma’s house. (Ya know? Like you get spoiled at grandmas house?)

So on Saturday Candy and I were up at seven o’clock and when Danielle and Adam woke up we went to the Mall at Millenia. Danielle had never been there and it was exciting. I bought this aweomse hat at Gap that was on super sale! It’s cute. I’m cute in it. What more can I say?? After that we hung around the house and played some more DDR. Well, me and Danielle did. Adam fell asleep and mom and dad and Candy went to First Christian. We busted some moves!

We took the dogs back to Javiers house around six thirty five and then we went to Ruby Tuesday’s for Adam’s birhday dinner. It was sooo much fun. We sang to him and embarrassed him and gave him presents. It was funny because I bought him this computer game that I thought he would like months ago. When he opened it he was like “I hope this is MAC compatible.” He had bought an IMac after I bought the game so oh well.

When we got home we watched some Family Guy. I don’t know if you have to be stoned or drunk beyond all belief for that show to be funny or what? I thought some parts were funny but not the whole thing. So after two episodes we all went to bed and on Sunday we woke up and went to Christ Community in Winter Haven. I missed going there. I really like that church. It feels like home. It’s nice. Afterwards we went to the Olive Garden and had some crappy service so on my reciept I wrote “You should be so rude to your customers!” It was funny. Anywhoo…..
I love you ALL


“I fell!”    This is what I said last night at Denny’s when as you can probaly guess, I fell. I don’t really remember what we said at that moment but Candace pushed me out of the booth and my legs were tangled up and I toppled over. Funny last night. We were really cracking up. It was John, Candy, me, Nils, Adam and instead of Danielle(who we missed) was Erika. We all had fun I think.

Oh except that our waitress was a complete failure at her job. Maybe she just didn’t want us to be there; I don’t know? But anywho…..she was the slowest muther trucker out there last night. We ordered our drinks and by the time we got them we were practically ready to leave!! So our food of course took forever to get to us and she messed up on my order. I asked for toast, not pancakes!!! So….yeah. Adam was mad too. She didn’t refill his glass and she had been back to the table three times! So she did not get a tip from me or Adam. I was mad at her. We told her at the begining that our checks would be split so when she brought back this ONE check she asked if anybody was paying debit/credit. Nils was so she was like “oh, I have to go seperate this!

When we paid it was our normal waitress up there and I told her that we missed having her as our waitress. She was like just next time you come in here just ask for me. I was like you bet your butt we will. Actually I didn’t say that per se! The ride home was uneventfull. Got home, bought some Disney DVD’s and went to beddy by poo-poo!

This morning Yasmin didn’t come over at eight thirty so I started picking up and stuff. At nine thirty I started getting worried so I was watching the windows waiting for her to come. Normally she’ll come between eight ten and eight thirty. Usually not later. So at ten fifteen I’m starting to freak out! I’m starting going through all these situations in my head like maybe somebody has killed her and Judy and their lieing there dead in the house. Maybe I should go over and ring the doorbell. Maybe the alarm clock didn’t go off and they are just sleeping late? Well finally at about ten thirty five I remember that on Monday Judy told me she was taking Yasmin to the doctor today!! So I chilled out and relaxed and five minutes later Yasmin and Judy showed up!!
I love you ALL


“Old man winter came and paid us a visit last night and he left….
not a pillow….
not a sheet…….
but a blanket.
A blanket of snow.”

I was watching Spongebob this morning and this was on it. You have to say it in kind of deep voice to get it though because that fish news thingy said it. I’m a genius aren’t I? “Fish News Thingy??” Well, what do you expect from me? I spend my days with little kids!

I wrote an interesting blog on myspace today, all about myspace and xanga and how different they were. Over the weekend someone was talking to me and telling my what they thought about those two things. On myspace seems to be a whole bunch of derelicts and vulgar people. Xanga tends to be more reserved, for the most part, and respectable place. Does anybody else think that or am I and this other person the only on?

I went and saw Skeleton Key with Candace. I have to say I want to see it again. It was soooo good. Candace was jumpy; I’ll admit I was too once or twice. Kate Hudson is such a good actor. I don’t the actors name but he was a hottie and very very good!! After we saw the movie Nils called us and said that him and Matt (a friend of Nils’) and Danielle and Adam and John were coming into Downtown Disney. So me and Brooke waited for them inside the theater.

All of a sudden I get a call from Adam being very vague and he tells me to come out to the truck. Fast. So I’m walking really fast to the truck when I see Nils and Matt walking towards me. Nils says that Adam is about to be arrested (which he later told me was just so I would hurry up!!). So I’m running and Adam is being harrassed by a Disney rent a cop! I was so hyped up on Mountain Dew I was hyper! So apparently Adam jumped into the back of the truck and the rent a cop stopped him and asked him for the key to the truck to make sure it was his. He couldn’t prove it was his (which he later did) and so the lady was like “sorry for making you come out here” and I said “Like I care what he does to the truck. It’s his jus as much as it is mine!!”

Yes I said that!! And as I was walking away I was like, rather loud, “Is that rent a cop on a power trip or what?” So I think the lesson of the day is: Don’t give Holly Mountain Dew during a stressfull situation!!! So there you have Holly’s exciting week. Oh, after all that we went and saw Red Eye. I do not recomend this as much as I do Skeleton Key!!
I love you ALL



“Holly likes it when he’s naked!” Only from the mouth of a babe. (That’s little kid, not a hottie) Madyson said this yesterday as me and her, and Taylar and Yasmin and John and Javier were all watching Yakkity Yak. That cartoon is sooo funny and if you’ve seen it before than you’ll kind of get what was said up above. There’s a part in the credits that the Yak, Yakkity, is falling and all of a sudden his fur comes off (which is kind of like a huge dress) and he falls and he’s this skinny little thing in a tank top and boxers. Very funny. I laugh at it all the time. But when Mady said that I cracked up majorly!!

Last night “the gang” went to Denny’s on 192. We used to go there eons ago but we switched from FCC’s to Poinciana’s. Only me and Candy and Adam remembered going there. The same waiter that we used to have works there too. That was funny. Evan joined us as well this week so that was cool. I told Nils wrong directions so of course he got lost. Ok, I didn’t really tell him wrong directions just messed up a little. Very little. I said that coming down 192 it’ll be on your right and if you get to the Hooters you’ve gone to far. Well loe and behold the Hooters is before it!! Hee, hee. Nils: I really didn’t realize that! We laughed about it and about Nils roommates! We had a blast. A really good time. I was ready to go home though at ten so we all scedaddled out of there. I have no idea if that’s how you spell it.

When me and Brooke got home mom had Tommy Knockers on. If you don’t know what that movie is, it a Stephen King movie so that should help. As soon as they pulled the teeth out I was outta there and getting ready for beddy by. So I tossed and turned last night. Don’t know why. Maybe I’ll get some more sleep tonight. Who knows.

I guess that’s really it. Nothing truly exciting has been going on. Oh, well this isn’t exciting but just some news. My great grandparents (Great Grandma Joyce is 90 and my Great Grandpa Woody is 92) are going to go to a nursing home on Monday. Please pray for my grandma Rita who pretty much takes care of them because I’m sure that’s a very stressful thing to do. I’m sure she’ll be balling that day. Candace told mom we were putting her in one whenever we wanted to. I told her we were going to sign the do not resusitate thingy. We were just teasing with her. I can’t imagine mom not being near either one of. Me and Candace are probaly going to get married (not to each other and not soon) and just live with mom and dad forever. Yeah, right
I love you ALL