“Your fish ate my fish!”

 This is what Rick told me the other night. This is after I told him Mo had died. I named the fish like the night before last. Larry, Curly and Mo. “My fish” is Larry. The Beta fish I got from a friend at work. He’s swimming it up in our big tank. And our two little neons are Curly and Mo. So like a week ago one of our fish was floating at the top of the tank. And it wasn’t my fishes fault! Now that my fish is in the tank a fish ends up dead and it’s my fault! Larry did like to chase the other two around. It was fun to watch. Someone from work told me that they would be fine together. That Larry would never be able to catch up to the neons. So, the story will continue……

 Danielle let me borrow Seasons three and four of The Office and the wholes series of Friends. So I’ve been watching tv a lot. Not entirely too fun. But It’s been nice to relax and watch tv.

 I had this really cool saying from The Office that I had on here but I closed the lid and I closed out of it and I lost everything! It was hilarious. All about Bro’s before Ho’s and all that jazz. It made me laugh a lot. We watched this one episode where they were having a “beach day” with the whole office. They were doing a coal walk and sumo wrestling. Andy had that suit on and he was by the lake and he fell over into the water. I started laughing histarically and Andy kept on floating away. Ohmygosh. I’m giggling now just thinking about it! And they leave without him and it’s night and a boat goes by Andy and shines a light on him and he’s like I’m with Dunder Mifflin and the laughter kept on coming. I was laughing so hard that I couldn’t breathe. Rick was just looking at me like I was a complete idiot!

 We have to take our trash down to the road tonight. Apparently our “neigbors” have a lawsuit or something going on with the trash company and it is affecting us. They won’t drive up our driveway anymore so down goes the trash. Hopefully Rick will get off the phone conference soon because I want to go to bed and he’ll need help with the bags. There’s like ten of them. They haven’t picked up our trash in weeks. Probably since before Christmas. Definately before Christmas. Wow, it’s been awhile. We’ve had to double bag so many times. Or triple bag somethings. I’m ready for it to be gone.

 I guess I need to really take down the Christmas lights on the front of the house. I don’t really want to get up on the roof and take down them. Is that so bad? Well, it probably is, but I honestly down care. SO there.
 I shall end it here so I can convince Rick we need to take out the trash! I love you ALL


 “Heroes that I have: Bob Hope, Abraham Lincoln………..Bono……..And I guess God. They all helped the world. Somehow.”

 The Office was on today and our signal cut out so I decided to put on the Season 1 DVD I have. So I’m still on the first episode. So I thought I would write a Xanga. I have been waiting for snow all day. I’ve been going outside every little bit to make sure it’s not coming down without me. It hasn’t been. So, right now I feel incredibly sick. My head is pounding and my throat is killing me. I do not feel good. But I keep on going outside and now I want to keep on going out. So, now I run to the window to see if it’s snowing. Mom said it’s snowing by her. Woo-hoo.

 I had high hopes of cleaning today but that sure didn’t happen. I cleaned the living room and washed all the dishes last night before I went to bed. So when I woke up it still looked good, and now it doesn’t. How does that happen? The kitchen got all messed up. I blame Rick.

 In the living room there is like ten candles burning right now! Unfortunately they are all different scents….but oh well. It’s keeping the room toasty. I love candles. One of Rick and I’s friends make home made candles and I really need to buy some. I’m coming to the end of my Partylite candles supply! I got some candles for Christmas and those were really cool; I’ve burned almost all of them. I really do love candles.

 Well, I still haven’t put the Christmas tree out of it’s misery. It is half put up. And when I say put up, I mean the ornaments are all off and the top part of the tree is disasembled. Rick tried to help. He thought taking the top part off was a big help. Like I couldn’t reach that part. Thanks. So now, I have to just put the thing up before it’s Christmas again! Which it could be before I put everything up. Or, I’ll put everything up and then I’ll find something that’s Christmasy and then I’ll have to put that up…..and so it goes.
 I’m gonna go. My head is about to kill me. I love you ALL


“You spin my head right round, right round…..
When you go down, down.”

 I was reading some earlier posts and I wrote about how I would have done a music video. Well, I realized that I never wrote down this little gem of one. The song: Right Round. (Or whatever the name is.) And heaven knows who sings it. A black guy. And a black girl. How general can I get. So the video if you haven’t seen it is just the both of them standing in front of a digitial whatchamacallit and singing. The whole song. I would’ve done something like this.

 The beginning would be shots of the guy getting ready to go out for a night on the town with his buddies. Kinda following along with the words. Kinda. Then he gets to the strip club. Yes I said it. Stip Club. So the girls are all dancing. (No nudeness of course) When it gets to the chorus the girls are all doing a choreographed little dance number. It focuses on one girl and the guy looking at each other and it goes from there. Different shots of the dancing. Shots of the guys talking and drinking it up. Not too detail oriented am I? But I can see the whole thing in my head. How bizarre to be walking around thinking of this song and a video for it. There’s my idea.

 I’m sick today. I was sick yesterday. I woke up with a sore throat and a headache and it stayed there all day. ALL DAY. When I got back to the studio from running to different schools I still felt bad. Vanessa looked at me and asked if I was ok. I told her I felt like crap. She told me I could stay later another day if I wanted to. I was like I’m going home as soon I as write this stuff down! So I got my coat and scarf on (because it’s frickin’ freezing out there!!!!!!) and I waited for Judy because she wanted to walk out with me. Well, she was taking too long so I left and headed home. Got home and I felt really bad. So Rick suggested us going to get Chinese soup. Nothing is better on a cold day than some Wonton Soup!! So we got enough to last a week. Maybe two. We came back home and I put on Daddy Day Care and we ate some Wonton Soup and some Crab Rangoons. Because if you get Chinese food you cannot go home without Crab Rangoons!! Unless, it’s mom. She cannot definately skip the whole Chinese food thing entirely. Poor mom. She misses out on a lot! So: Yummy food. Still feel sick. Bed time.

 I didn’t write it on here yet but I got a promotion. I’m head of mobile. Mobile Coordinator I believe is the title I have. I get to have Sunday’s off and that’s what is really exciting. I enjoy going to church and I really had missed going! But now I get to go! The only problem is finding schools that need a photographer!! It’s amazing how rude some school people are! It amazes me big time. But oh well. My lot in life.

 So, it’s been really cold here for the past week. Can you believe it? My feet are freezing right now. I just took a shower (I know, you really wanted to know that) and I washed my hair and my socks are off still. I’m not lazy enough to not put clothes on, just lazy enough to not put socks on! So I’m sitting here typing away while my toes freeze. And I am dreading going outside with my wet hair. I HAD to wash my hair. It was feeling itchy and nasty! (Like you really wanted to know that too, right!?)

 Side note: you have got to go to this website about people at walmart. Hilarious. Google People of Wal Mart and it should pop up. I’ve been looking at it for the past three days and I’m still only on page thirty. There’s like five hundred pages. Oh the joy of laughing at other people and they can’t see! I’m going to end it here. I love you ALL


“He’s not the hero we deserve, but the one we get…..”

 Or something like that. Just finished watching The Dark Knight. Finally. Very good. Wish I would have seen that in theaters. I jumped a few times. I think Heath Ledger did an awesome job with that. I know, I’m late in all this. I know, I know. I live under a rock. At least most days I do. Or so it seems……..

 I’m having issues. Who isn’t, right? Right. Well, it’s work related. I need to come up with something and I’ve been thinking and thinking and nothing is coming into my noggin’. I know something will pop in there at the last minute but I would like it right now. What I need to do is go to God and ask for it but I’m being incredibly stubborn about it. Even as I right this, I know what I need to do but I’m thinking that I’ll think of something by myself! How sad is that?

 Stress is soooo not good. Rick has this book about blood types and how that relates to pretty much everything about you. Well, my blood type doesn’t digest animals well (I don’t like steak!) and I hang on to stress longer(what a coinky-dink!). The stress thing interested me because I certainly don’t want to be stressed. No one does. I don’t think they do at least. What a sad existence would that be? So anywho…stress = not good. So, I will succumb to what I know is right and just do it! Like Nike tells us all the time. I’ll get to it then! I love you ALL!
PS- Pray for me!!