“Today this ends!”

That second quote is from Transformers. It’s in the Linkin Park song at the end. We were cleaning out the cars yesterday, or the day before, and found some CD’s of mine. Isn’t it amazing what you can find when you actually clean things! So I just popped it in the player and am listening to it. Well, I changed CD’s now and I’m listening to the Mash Up of Jay Z and Linkin Park!! I miss that CD……..and now I’m going to play it all the time! Wish I had a CD player in the Bug! How sad is that?? I have a tape deck. A TAPE DECK?!?!?! Anywho….maybe I’ll put it on my iPod. Who knows. Oh, so I was talking about Transformers. ADHD at work again. I haven’t watched that movie in a few years. I need to put it in and watch it soon. I never saw the second one. I need to watch that one too. It did come out already, right? How sad is married life for me?

The first quote is something I said today. I got home at like twelve thirty last night and I stayed up till one thirty reading. I went to sleep and then Rick came in at like two and woke me up with his moving around. So, I woke up kind of late today. Ten o’clock isn’t that late, but to some people it is. Having woken up I am sitting at the computer playing a little Facebook Farmville and I see a car pull up in the backyard. And it’s obviously Ricks mom. So, I went to the bedroom so I could put on some “real” clothes. I was dressed, just in my jammies! I changed and went to the bathroom. She still hasn’t gotten out of the car. So then the phone rings and it says “Call from: Naujokat…..” First thought was that Rick was calling me to tell me that his mom was coming up. And I then I thought “Thanks Rick.” I picked up the phone and it was Rick’s mom. And she told me that she was here in the back yard and she had some stuff for us. I was like ok, and I headed outside and she had bought us some salad and bread. So, I took that inside and she told me that she had Rick’s clothes that she had ironed. So after she handed me those I was kinda just standing there waiting…….and she just chit chats!!! I keep on saying: ok, yeah……OHMYGOSH!! Come on already! She left and I’m back on the computer!

I GOT PROMOTED!! I’m now Assistant Manager! I’m quite excited! I got a key to the studio and I’m training and all that! Monday I am closing all by myself so last night was kinda testing me to see if I remembered everything! I think I’ll do good. I certainly pray that I will!
I love you ALL

PS Is anybody still on here?!??!?!