Why, oh why….

Me and Rick’s song is “Praise you in this Storm” by Casting Crowns. Weird as a “song,” isn’t it? Well, that’s what it is. Every time we were together that song came on. I’m pretty sure God knew what was in store for us in our marriage and we would need that little promise to keep us trucking on…

I say that to lead into Job 3. God let Satan mess up Job’s life. He didn’t do anything wrong; in fact he made sacrifices for his kids just IN CASE they thought a bad thought. Job was holy, righteous and true. Yet he had bad things happen to him.
This chapter is about Job’s lament. Oh, woe is me, and all that jazz. (I would be too….) He wishes he were dead and can’t understand what he’s done wrong to deserve all this crap thrust upon him.

Well, praise Him in this storm. Job doesn’t curse God that ALL his kids are dead, that ALL his cattle, sheep, (herds of whatever) are gone, pretty much ALL of his servants have been wiped out. His wife is still there-whatever comfort that is!

No one said life would be fair; in fact you hear very often how life ISN’T fair. It doesn’t mean God is an unjust God. He is God.
And no one is here to say it will be easy. I can’t imagine everything that Job went through. I can’t even picture having half of it done to me and still being able to praise God. Maybe eventually, but as soon as it happens? Not so sure. So I need to make sure I’m in tune with God at all times. Doesn’t mean nothing bad will happen to me, but I have to Praise Him in ALL storms!

God is there.
God is holding me tight.
Even in the quiet.