“Ooh baby, I love your ways. I wanna be with you night and day.”

Rick has ITunes Radio on and this song is playing right now. It’ll probably be in my head all day. Well, I don’t know. Maybe not. My head is hurting right now, so I’m going to try to clear everything from it! I don’t know how that will work.

I haven’t been getting much sleep this past week. Me and Adam got back on Monday very early. I did take a little nap on Monday afternoon. But not a very long one. So that night I slept the same as usual. Nothing more. I needed more! Then the next night and every night since then the little doggies have been waking up every hour and needing to go outside. They have upset stomachs (That’s the nice way of putting it!). Every hour. Ohmygosh. I am dieing. Me and Rick have been taking turns getting up. The first two nights Rick got up every time and then the third night it was him rolling over and pleading, begging me to get up with them!! So I did. Yucky. I really hate dogs right now. I just want to sleep. I like to sleep. I need it. NEED IT!!!

Tonight we are going to the Moose to eat dinner. And apparently karaoke. So, I’m a little anxious I guess. Not anxious nervous. Just kinda can’t wait to go. See what it’s all about. We’ve been to the “bar” section before because Rick had to pay dues or whatever. They have a really nice tv there. Anywho…..I love you ALL


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