“I’m a Survivor!….”  A line from Destiny’s Child hit “I’m a survivor.”

Well for those of you who have not heard and read my xanga: the wedding has been postponed! Bummer I know but like my quote I’m a survivor, I’m not gonna give up. Here’s the low down:

I called Andres Thursday (he was supposed to fly in that Friday). I wanted to know what time he was coming in. Well I got him, it was like 6:30pm there. He was still working and he said that him and his company had gotten deployed to Frankfurt. Now that’s still in Germany for you Geography losers. It’s about an hour form where he is stationed. So that’s pretty much it. I called, he’s deployed, no wedding on the 20th. Oh well I guess. You know I’ve been waiting for almost three years now so what’s another month or two?

I have had this cold bug for the past few days. My sinus’ hurt and my stomach keeps grumbling. Headaches come and go. It’s horrible and it’s all my dad’s fault. He has this cold thing too but he had it first. Like Tuesday I went to bed at like eight thirty and I woke up at twelve thirty to go to the bathroom but then I didn’t wake up till six thirty!! And I was still tired! Thats what’s sooo crazy. I cannot catch up on my sleep. I don’t know why. It kills me because I want to stay up late but then the one night I do I feel so sluggish the next day.

Well the big weekend is almost upon us. I cannot wait to go to Medievil Times again. I think it will be way more fun with all these other people going from the church. My mom’s thinking of going again. I don’t know if she just said that or what. I wouldn’t mind if she went at all.

And then we have the lock-in with HALO 2. Who isn’t excited? I can’t wait. David Adam has been playing it all week because some kid got an leaked out copy in French! Well it leaked out into France that’s why it’s in French. I gave it to him yesterday because it got sent to us and he was reading the whole little booklet thing and everything. It was funny.

I don’t know how I’m going to feel going paintballing the next day. I think were all going to be beat. I think it’s going to feel really weird because that was the day I was supposed to get married. Maybe I won’t. I don’t know. It just seems weird. I was going to get marreid on this day but I’m going paintballing!

Well for those of you who want to go camping I am sooo excited. I’ve wanted to go again since we went last time. I just emailed Walton to see about everything and I haven’t heard back from him yet but as soon as I do I will let you know. For those of you who have no idea what I’m talking about call me and find out! Your welcome to come but were buying our own stuff so just call me and find out!

I love you ALL


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