“Her yellow SUV is now the enemy” Bowling for Soup’s song 1985. This song rocks and if you haven’t heard it yet please check out their site and listen to this song. Joanne thinks it’s funny too. If you’ve seen the video is it not the most hilarious thing ever? Well if you don’t think so your wrong!!

Well I’ve been sick this past week. My dad gave me this cold/sickness. It started on Sunday. I went to sleep with this massive headache and I woke up with a runny nose, a massive headache, and the same old cough I’ve had forever. It kept on getting worse. My throat now hurts and my nose thinks it’s a faucet! I think I’m going to buy stock in ib-profen(don’t know how to spell it). Me and my bottle (of pills) are quite happy. My mom thinks I should go to the doctor but I don’t really like doctors and I don’t want to go. Mom says I should go before it turns into strep.

For those of you who do not know (which actually is most of you). When I was younger (third grade and down) I got strep throat every month. Me and my mom would pass it back and forth to each other. It was horrible. Finally in third grade I changed doctors and he said we should take my tonsils out. My mom was like “heck yeah!” (She didn’t really say that!) So in third grade I went into the hospital and had the wonderful out-patient surgery. It went horribly! I was supposed to be out at like two pm and I didn’t leave the hospital till eight. And if you ask my mom she’ll tell you about my dieing incident! (The real and the funny one.) Anywho I don’t want to go to the doctors and hear that I have strep since I’m technically not supposed to get it.
So there you go with that.

I’m ready for Medievil Times. The last time we went there it was Johns birthday, which we all know when that is! It was only me, John, Candy and Adam but we had a blast. We sat in the black and white section and our server was awesome. I hope we have her again but what are the odds? My mom’s coming. She was sick last time she went so she didn’t really like it. So hopefully this time she’ll like it.

I have been copying down these great recipies. Some of them appetizers, some dessert, some of everything. I don’t know why. Well I do, I want to make them but I really don’t know when I have the time to. I love cooking but it seems like whenever I want to something comes up. Thanksgiving is coming and that’s my time to shine! I’ve cooked the meals the past two years and I’ve had a blast. Candace helped me last year to a degree. She doesn’t really know how to cook. Well she just wont try. I’ve asked her to help cook sometimes and she doesn’t really want to. She wants everything done for her…but anywhoo….getting off subject.

I’m going to get a bass guitar. I almost got one two years ago but I chickened out. Thinking back I should’ve because I had tons of money coming in. But now I am on the prowl again. Daniel Ball told me something to look for but I don’t remember. I’ll have to ask him again. If I can remember. You all know my memory! I think I have wanted to learn the bass since as long as I can remember. Well not that long I guess. When I was learning clarinet I don’t remember wanting to play the bass. I remember wanting to sing but life goes on……I will get a bass guitar!

I guess I’ve written enough for one day….Oh, Drew tell me how you got music to play on your site. I’ve been trying for the last hour and nothing is working……LOVE YOU ALL


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