“I love smiling….it’s my favorite!” Will Ferrell says this in Elf which a hilarious movie. Nils, I think you could even watch it! I just got done watching it with Mady. We kinda watched it in spurts. We would watch for a little bit, then go play then watch some more than have some lunch. We finally finished it. I love Will Ferrell though. He is soooo hilarious. He makes me laugh so hard.

I’m getting over this sickness. Yeah. For those of you who have got my sickness: So sorry. I have some cough drops left over if you want one. I can’t really give you any because this cough will not go away. I cannot go to sleep at night unless I’m propped up with pillows and I have some water and a cough drop by my bed! It’s ridiculous. I can’t stand coughing. I would rather throw up than cough for months and months and months! My nose is getting worse rather than better. I guess I’m not really doing too great than. My  nose was never bad in the middle of the sickness it just runs now. It’s like the shut off valve is broken!

I haven’t started Christmas shopping yet, but who has? If you say you have, you suck. Me and mom are going shopping the day after Thanksgiving. I’m excited because me, Adam, Candy and John tried doing that last year but it didn’t work. We woke up and all, we just didn’t make it to any stores on time. I don’t know what half my family wants. Aaaaaaaaaagh!

Thanksgiving this year I think will be great. It always is to me. It’s one time in life where things go according to plan and everyones in a good mood and we all help out. Well most of us. I asked Adam if he was coming home so he could help me with Thanksgiving meal and he was like: of course! He helps me out soo much. He likes to cook and even if he doesn’t know how to make something he’s still going to try it. Unlike some siblings! (I don’t know who I’m talking about!)

Anywho….  I went to this cool site called www.ellisislandrecords.com because I wanted to look up my heritage and all that good stuff and once I got to the site I was at a loss. I couldn’t think of any of my ancestors names!!  I haven’t been back yet but I emailed my mom the site. I don’t know if she likes it or not but I thought it was really cool. Even though I don’t know if I found anybody related to me!

For those of you who do not know which is everyone outside my family and Drew my great-grandma is most likely going to die soon. It feels like I’ve said that before but I think it could be true this time. She is 89 (I bellieve). She was just in the hospital last week for a colon problem. Believe me you do not want to know what happened! But get this she only weighs, are you ready, 67 pounds! Now to help you out heres how much Taylar Ling weighs: 35 pounds! 2 Taylars!! I was shocked. Now my grandma has never been big before but this is crazy. So just kinda pray for her and my grandma who lives near there helping them. My great grandpa is 91 and he doesn’t remember anything. You can tell him something one minute and the next he’ll be like “what?” The doctors think he’ll have a major stroke in his sleep and that’s how he’ll go because he has way clogged arteries! So much so it isn’t worth operating at his age! Well anywho…that’s my family affairs.

I love you ALL


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