“Jesus loves me this I know……For the bible tells me so.” Isn’t that an awesome song? If you don’t know this song you are truly a deprived person. I love little kid songs. Actually I love everything about little kids. ( Ok, you’ve caught me on a good day with Mady. I DO NOT, I repeat do not like the crying and baby fits!) I remember in boot camp (which I hated big time John) that everyone would come to me if they wanted to find something about little kids. Like a kid show back in the day or a song that kids sing. Stuff like that.

Anywhoooo…..want to hear something creepy that happened to me yesterday? Well it doesn’t matter if you do or if you don’t because I’m going to write about it anyway. Here’s a little background. On Monday’s I ride the bus home from Javiers. He takes me to the Walgreens and then I cross the big old street all by myself and I sit at the bus stop for usually twenty to twenty five minutes. Ok the story. I was sitting there yesterday and as usual cars are honking and such but I saw this SUV honk and I watched it drive past and it pulled into a driveway not too far from the bus stop. I’m watching it trying to think who do I know who owns a SUV like that. I couldn’t think of anybody but I’ve had people from church stop by and pick me up so I thought it was someone from church.
The car is honking at me and the person is waving at me to come so I turn my music down on headphones and start to walk over there. As I’m getting closer I’m still trying to place who this could be in this SUV and no names are coming up. So I get within about ten feet of the SUV (ok, maybe I do need glasses) and this black guy is there behind the wheel. I’m like, ok I do not know this person and the guys asks me if I’m a school girl? I’m like no, and he asks me my name while I’m trying to turn around and go back. I told him I thought I knew who he was but I didn’t so I walk away. This guys is still firing question at me like where am I from and I just keep on walking!!! I was sooo scared because I put my headphones back on and walked back to the bus stop. I kept on thinking that he had gotten out of his car and was going to attack me or something. I don’t know why. I’m right there on Pleasant Hill Rd.

So that was the scary story. Awhile later I was still at the bus stop because the bus was way late and I see this lady walking towards me and I’m looking at her really hard (ok, ok, maybe I really need glasses!) and I’m thinking to myself: this looks like my mom. But I continue to read what I’m reading and then this lady keeps on walking towards me so I look up again at her and it is my mom. My dad had gone to the dentist that day so he had picked up my mom and they were picking me up as well. So we made it home safe and sound, after we stopped at Subway for a nice sub.

Ya know what? I’m almost done with Christmas shopping. Isn’t that awesome? Anywhoo….I guess I’ve written enough for one day and SNL is on! I love you ALL


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  1. Anonymous says:

    didnt ur parents ever tell u no to talk to strangers!! anyways what is it that makes you wanna vomit on my site? elaborate

  2. Anonymous says:

    Holly you updated 2 days in a row!! It’s a miracle. Now you should try to update 3 days in a row. Now that would be a miracle!!!


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