“Every rose has it’s thorn. Just like every night has it’s dawn. Just like every cowboy sings his sad, sad song. Every rose has it’s thorn.” Wow, is that like depressing or what? Obviously this is from Poison’s song titled (duh) “Every Rose has it’s Thorn.”

I just feel all gloomy and depressed today. But not. I mean I’m happy. Woo-hoo. But like when I think about being in love I get depressed. I’m just going through a phase. (No it’s not PMS!) I looked back at what I wrote a year ago this week and it just makes me sad. I wrote about how Andres was thinking about being baptized and how much I missed him. I still think about him but I feel over him. I think. I do not know what to think! Anywho…I feel like I’m dragging down this whole post with that.

Yesterday I went to Christ Community in Winter Haven and I have to tell you that it is still awesome. I really really like it. It was fun. I went and spent the night at Andy’s house and we played some old school Mario World and then since were both so incredibly old we went to bed (seperate ones; duh!). John called at twelve thirty and the phone scared the crap out of me since it was in the room I was staying in. So I had to go give it to Andy. Good times.

So after church we went back to his house where Candy and John were. We went out on the boat and watched part of the Cypress Gardens water show and then John went water skiing. Well Cindy went first and then John. After that we went and swam. We were all just chillin’ on our floaties and Andy had gotten in the boat when I saw something jump out of the water. It was just a fish (I’m sure) and you should’ve seen how high I jumped out of the water. I swam my little butt (ok, big butt) as fast as I could towards the boat. It was funny.

Well I love you ALL


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