Girl Power

When I was younger, like grade school, I wrote a song called Girl Power. Not very interesting, I know. But writing the title it reminded me of this silly, non feminist, Spice Girl influenced, cheesy (I’m sure) song. I had to put that in.

Today’s reading of Exodus chapter 2 went much better than my thoughts of it would be. Oh me of little faith! The kids played all by themselves while I was reading with only one minor interruption. Thank you Jesus for that little token of wonderfulness!

I have to admit before I go into the chapter that I was sooo looking forward to reading my bible this morning. I almost had to read the chapter ahead of time just to see what it was going to say. I haven’t been excited or anxious about reading my bible in a long time. … I’m trying to think of when I was EVER anxious to read it and I honestly can’t remember a time. There may have been but if you’ve read any of my past posts than you would see that I don’t remember much, much of the time! But it feels awesome to be excited about God’s Word. It sure lifts my mood and I can see a difference in yesterday than the past week.

So, chapter two. Oh, what a story. First off, my heart just breaks thinking about Moses mother. Here it is, Pharoh decreeing that all male children should be killed (but not the girls) and bam! Out pops a boy. There were no sonograms back then and I’m sure they had their own “old wives tales.” I can picture all the expectant moms just being so nervous about their baby being born a boy and someone finding out and killing them (if it was a boy). Back to Moses’ mother: she has her baby and he was “a goodly child.” (or “exceedingly fair” from my KJV’s notes). She was able to hide him for three months….Sure babies sometime look gender neutral but trying to pass over a boy may have been a bit difficult. My heart wrenches over it. You know your baby is supposed to die, and your wishing and hoping with all your might that it won’t go through……

Thankfully, well God’s Sovereign plan, tells us his mom is smarty pants. Ok, she’s just smart; I doubt she wore pants. She made an “ark” and sent her daughter, Miriam, to the river where she knew Pharoh’s daughter would be bathing. Cunning maybe is a better word. (I bet she played cards well, if she played.) Lo and behold here comes the princess and she see’s something and inside is a baby. And when she opened up the “ark” the “baby wept.” She had compassion on him; her motherly instinct was kicking in. Go her.

Now, while I was reading this chapter I kept on checking on my little notes in my bible. It’s a KJV study bible and the notes are awesome and really helpful, especially during these chapters (and yes I realize it has only been two chapters).

In verse 10 of chapter two it says:  “And the child grew, and she brought him unto Pharoh’s daughter, and he became her son. And she called his name Moses: and she said, Because I drew him out of the water.”

My “study” section tells me that women are the primary reason Israel stayed in tact. (I’m paraphrasing that a tiny bit but I’ll explain what I mean. Or what that means to me.) Throughout the first two chapters Pharoh is trying to get rid of the Hebrew people. He wants all the male children killed; what do the midwives do? They keep on delivering male babies. Male babies are being hidden: Moses’ mother saves hers. Even Pharoh’s own daughter adopts a Hebrew baby and brings him to “court.”

Women play a huge part in how things happen. Because of these things the kings impotence of destroying the Hebrew people are exposed! Girl Power.

Even further into the chapter God keeps on showing us these little examples and predictions about what would come to pass. How exciting. More to come…..


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