“Your fish ate my fish!”

 This is what Rick told me the other night. This is after I told him Mo had died. I named the fish like the night before last. Larry, Curly and Mo. “My fish” is Larry. The Beta fish I got from a friend at work. He’s swimming it up in our big tank. And our two little neons are Curly and Mo. So like a week ago one of our fish was floating at the top of the tank. And it wasn’t my fishes fault! Now that my fish is in the tank a fish ends up dead and it’s my fault! Larry did like to chase the other two around. It was fun to watch. Someone from work told me that they would be fine together. That Larry would never be able to catch up to the neons. So, the story will continue……

 Danielle let me borrow Seasons three and four of The Office and the wholes series of Friends. So I’ve been watching tv a lot. Not entirely too fun. But It’s been nice to relax and watch tv.

 I had this really cool saying from The Office that I had on here but I closed the lid and I closed out of it and I lost everything! It was hilarious. All about Bro’s before Ho’s and all that jazz. It made me laugh a lot. We watched this one episode where they were having a “beach day” with the whole office. They were doing a coal walk and sumo wrestling. Andy had that suit on and he was by the lake and he fell over into the water. I started laughing histarically and Andy kept on floating away. Ohmygosh. I’m giggling now just thinking about it! And they leave without him and it’s night and a boat goes by Andy and shines a light on him and he’s like I’m with Dunder Mifflin and the laughter kept on coming. I was laughing so hard that I couldn’t breathe. Rick was just looking at me like I was a complete idiot!

 We have to take our trash down to the road tonight. Apparently our “neigbors” have a lawsuit or something going on with the trash company and it is affecting us. They won’t drive up our driveway anymore so down goes the trash. Hopefully Rick will get off the phone conference soon because I want to go to bed and he’ll need help with the bags. There’s like ten of them. They haven’t picked up our trash in weeks. Probably since before Christmas. Definately before Christmas. Wow, it’s been awhile. We’ve had to double bag so many times. Or triple bag somethings. I’m ready for it to be gone.

 I guess I need to really take down the Christmas lights on the front of the house. I don’t really want to get up on the roof and take down them. Is that so bad? Well, it probably is, but I honestly down care. SO there.
 I shall end it here so I can convince Rick we need to take out the trash! I love you ALL


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