“Heroes that I have: Bob Hope, Abraham Lincoln………..Bono……..And I guess God. They all helped the world. Somehow.”

 The Office was on today and our signal cut out so I decided to put on the Season 1 DVD I have. So I’m still on the first episode. So I thought I would write a Xanga. I have been waiting for snow all day. I’ve been going outside every little bit to make sure it’s not coming down without me. It hasn’t been. So, right now I feel incredibly sick. My head is pounding and my throat is killing me. I do not feel good. But I keep on going outside and now I want to keep on going out. So, now I run to the window to see if it’s snowing. Mom said it’s snowing by her. Woo-hoo.

 I had high hopes of cleaning today but that sure didn’t happen. I cleaned the living room and washed all the dishes last night before I went to bed. So when I woke up it still looked good, and now it doesn’t. How does that happen? The kitchen got all messed up. I blame Rick.

 In the living room there is like ten candles burning right now! Unfortunately they are all different scents….but oh well. It’s keeping the room toasty. I love candles. One of Rick and I’s friends make home made candles and I really need to buy some. I’m coming to the end of my Partylite candles supply! I got some candles for Christmas and those were really cool; I’ve burned almost all of them. I really do love candles.

 Well, I still haven’t put the Christmas tree out of it’s misery. It is half put up. And when I say put up, I mean the ornaments are all off and the top part of the tree is disasembled. Rick tried to help. He thought taking the top part off was a big help. Like I couldn’t reach that part. Thanks. So now, I have to just put the thing up before it’s Christmas again! Which it could be before I put everything up. Or, I’ll put everything up and then I’ll find something that’s Christmasy and then I’ll have to put that up…..and so it goes.
 I’m gonna go. My head is about to kill me. I love you ALL


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