“He’s not the hero we deserve, but the one we get…..”

 Or something like that. Just finished watching The Dark Knight. Finally. Very good. Wish I would have seen that in theaters. I jumped a few times. I think Heath Ledger did an awesome job with that. I know, I’m late in all this. I know, I know. I live under a rock. At least most days I do. Or so it seems……..

 I’m having issues. Who isn’t, right? Right. Well, it’s work related. I need to come up with something and I’ve been thinking and thinking and nothing is coming into my noggin’. I know something will pop in there at the last minute but I would like it right now. What I need to do is go to God and ask for it but I’m being incredibly stubborn about it. Even as I right this, I know what I need to do but I’m thinking that I’ll think of something by myself! How sad is that?

 Stress is soooo not good. Rick has this book about blood types and how that relates to pretty much everything about you. Well, my blood type doesn’t digest animals well (I don’t like steak!) and I hang on to stress longer(what a coinky-dink!). The stress thing interested me because I certainly don’t want to be stressed. No one does. I don’t think they do at least. What a sad existence would that be? So anywho…stress = not good. So, I will succumb to what I know is right and just do it! Like Nike tells us all the time. I’ll get to it then! I love you ALL!
PS- Pray for me!!


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