“Whatever doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger!”
I love T.I.!!!! That song of his with the Numa Numa song kills me. I love it. I have watched the video now twice and there will be a third time. I’m watching it over again on Hulu. Our “apple tv.” It is very cool. The video isn’t that great. I have an awesome day to make a great video. If you actually want to know, just ask me!!! I’ll tell you the whole thing. I would like to shoot it just so I can remember it forever!!
 I guess I’ll write it down so then I won’t forget. Kinda. Very begining would be him watching tv or something like that with the Numa Numa kid lip syncing. Then when Rhiana sings she’s wearing a bikini with this funny little hat. (I see it in my head.) Every time she sings it’s stacatto. In how she moves.
 When T.I. sings he’s facing down looking at the camera. Rapping like that.
 When they are singing the chorus it goes old school with everyone in the eighties/nineties baggie clothes and doing the hands in the air “Hey- Ho.” That old movement. Repeat. I love it. It’s the best.
 The rest of the time Rhianna sings she’s shopping and walking down the street with a dog and looking fashionable.

 This past week was crazy. We went and helped a friend pack things up on Thursday or Friday. We went over to her apartment because she had stuff to give to us. Stuff she couldn’t take back to New York with her. Boy, were we grateful for some of the things. New pots and pans, cooking spoons, and stuff like that. Here dad was driving down with a trailer so they could pack everything up and take it back. And she would pack up her van and drive back up there. We went back on Saturday so we could help pack things up. And get more things. Exciting. Her dad got there mid afternoon and we helped as much as we could. I ended up having to go to work and Rick had to drive me there and then back so he could help.
 Our friend and her parents headed out while I was gone but they didn’t get far before they realized that they were too loaded down. So they parked their trailer at our house and they stayed in the hotel over night. The next morning they came over and rearanged things in her van and their car and the trailer. They had to leave it behind but are planning on coming back to get it as soon as they can. So right now, we have a trailer in our yard!! Fun stuff right there. Our living room is full of stuff. Some stuff is going to the garage sale, some in the kitchen or wherever I can put it!! She ended up giving us so much food that I won’t have to go grocery shopping for a bit! Thank you!!

 I’ve been playing this game online that has me hooked. It’s called Farm Frenzy. Unfortunately it’s a PC game only so I can’t play it on my Mac. Which sucks.
Anywho….I have to pee and then I’m going to bed!!! I love you ALL


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