“The dark knight has returned!”
This isn’t said in a Batman movie. Well, actually it could be but I haven’t wrote this down from one. It’s from Kitchen Nightmares. The very first episode of season four. Or three. Whatever season. I don’t know which, but the one we’ve been watching. Finishing it up tonight. Oh yeah. Anywho…the first episode they go through this whole speel about how their hasn’t been a hells kitchen in awhile and yadda, yadda, yadda. Since I’m watching the season with Rick I thought this quote worked for me. Maybe. Maybe not.

 Two nights ago I made some turkey burgers and some sweet potato chips. I think I ate too many and after about an hour my stomach was not feeling good. Not feeling good at all!! So I was sitting on the floor in the bathroom with my magazine reading. My head was killing me. I think that was my neck working against me! So after sitting on my bum for awhile I realized that I was going to have to make myself get sick or I wasn’t going to sleep well. So I told Rick to get me a washcloth and dampen it. He can’t stand seeing someone be sick so he had to run away. Which I hate very much. I need him there!!! So long story much shorter: I got sick. Big time. More than I’ve ever thrown up in a long long long time! Too much sweet potato. Way too much.

 I have been going through all my stuff and Ricks to find stuff for a yard sale. I have actually thrown so much stuff out. I told Rick that I have to get everything out and put it in a pile and then go through it. So, I did just that yesterday and tonight. Big piles of stuff!!! A big garbage bag of things for the garage sale. Very excited about that. Still have to go through most of my clothes. And Ricks. And the rest of the house. So, anybody want to come and help out at a yard sale??? It shouldn’t be too hard. Yeah, right!! With Rick and Joe, I know that I’ll be running this show. The whole time. All day and every day that we have it. I assume were having it on a Friday and Saturday. Maybe Sunday. Who knows.

 A couple days ago I was going to take the Christmas lights off the house. So, I got the ladder out and we have the oldest ladder in the world. I swear it is. And it’s one of those that you have to move the “legs” around so they go straight. It’s weird. Like one of those gorilla ladders. If that’s what they call it. I don’t really know. But, I got it straight and I put it up by the house. I started climbing and about three or four steps up the ladder started folding on me. One section folded back and I fell right back off the ladder. I fell on my butt. My back hit the side of our porch and my wrist hit the corner of it! Ouch!! It didn’t hurt too bad actually. Rick came out as fast as I’ve ever seen him move. He thought I was in the kitchen when I screamed. Then he ran out back. He made me go to Dr. Pauls and that was good. I need to go back. So I shall end it here. I love you ALL


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