“Always look on the bright side of life. Life’s a piece of s*** when you look at it, but always look on the bright side of life.”

Rick loves this song. LOVES IT!! And he is always singing it. I was stupid enough over this past weekend to play it for him again on his myspace page and it’s still in his head. But once I played it, it was in front of one of our friends and now he has it in his head and his wife was humming it too! She feels just like me and wishes they would both stop!! Seriously.

This week’s been pretty hectic. Well, honestly it hasn’t been. I was supposed to work the other day but they called and said that they weren’t busy so don’t bother coming in. It really irks me when they do that, but what can I do? I mean, they hired me as “seasonal.” So I guess they can do whatever they really want to. I’m going in on Saturday and I checked our calendar and it looks pretty busy so maybe I’ll be able to come in. It’s been fun at work. Lately I’ve been working the same time as this really fun associate does. She (he) is so much fun. To listen to her sell to people is worth it so much!

Great story about the last time I went in. Someone else was helping this lady who was a major pain in the butt. She left to go grab something to eat with her two horribly obnoxious kids while her pictures printed out. So when she came back in the girl that was helping her was busy so I helped her. I got her photos and then she saw something wrong with them and she wanted more of another one. So, I’m helping her out and being a nice little “advisor,” when she asks me how much she has left on her Portrait Club card. I asked her if she had it; since looking at it would tell me how much she has left on it. Well, she left it at home or some other excuse so I checked on the computer and told her she had a $10 off coupon still. For the next five minutes she asked me again and again if I was sure and she was positive she had more left. I checked again and again for her. After geting her total all ready and telling her how much it was I had to go do something on the computer; I don’t even remember what it was now. I went to the back got her pictures and gave them to her assuming my friend had checked her out since I asked her too. I put her pictures in the bag; not before she tried to steal one of the sheets!!! I had to ask for it back and then I told her to have a nice day. Out she walked and business went on until I looked at the computer screen and noticed that she hadn’t paid. So I start getting a little butterfly in the stomach feeling and I ask my friend if she had checked her out on another computer. She hadn’t so I get on the phone and call her up and tell her she didn’t pay and she needs to come back.

I just get her voicemail and I left a pretty long message. As I glance outside I notice her walking by on the other side of circle. I grab the phone quick and call her again and I notice that she picks up the phone when I ring her. Well, it goes to voicemail again and I see her walk by without looking back. I am getting pretty darned scared now!!! I am panicing. Then out of nowhere there she comes back and she walks right in. I was like whoo! I tell her that she didn’t pay and she looks at me funny. I say that I left a phone message and was that the reason she came back. (She comes in all the time) She said no, she noticed something was wrong with one of her pictures and she wants it changed. I tell her she has to pay and she then argues with me for another five minutes about how she’s sure she paid. So finally I tell her that I need to see the reciept so I can cancel out the computer (which is b.s.) and she goes into how the reciept must be in her bag in the car. Finally she looks at me and asks “I really didn’t pay?” And I tell her again for the millionth time that she did not pay so she pulls out her card and pays. Whoo!! Funny thing: We made her wait about twenty minutes for her photos. Hee hee.

When she left I told everyone the story and everyone said how much they hated when she came into the store because she was such a hard person to deal with sometimes! So, moral of the story: Make sure everyone pays before you hand over the pictures. Side note: I sold two collections that day so that was great for me!!
Gonna go…..
I love you ALL


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