“Always look on the bright side of life.”

Life of Brian. It’s on Rick’s myspace page. I played it this morning. Felt like I needed to hear it. I’m not even going to talk about what has happened.

Moving on to another subject: Disney. Rick and I had planned on going to Disney either today or tomorrow. Well, I told Rick yesterday that I wanted to go today because I have to work on Friday and if we go on Thursday and stay all day I’ll be tired on Friday. So, I thought that was a good point. Well, we went to bed last night at like eleven. Pretty early for us. This morning I woke up at six thirty. I never wake up that early. So, I jumped up, started some vanilla tea and went back to the bedroom. Rick is still laying there and when I come in, he moans that he’s not feeling well. His throat hurt. Boo hoo. So I got him a cup of tea and told him I wanted to go to Disney today. He just moaned and rolled over.

How come the one day I wake up early and want to do something is the one day he doesn’t want to do anything but lay in bed??? When I want to lay in bed, he practically jumps on the bed to wake me up so I’ll get out of bed. If I do that, I’ll be killed. Possibly. If he does that, it’s fine?? Someone help me out.

I love you ALL


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