“Get out and vote!”

This is such a huge campaign. I’ve heard so much crap about getting out and vote that it’s crazy. I agree that you should, but all the democrats doing the “reverse speech” video. Did anybody see that one? Stupid. I want to go through and yell at Snoop Dogg everytime. Because he says something like I’m voting because we might get the first African in office. I want to scream at him so much. I’m venting. I’ll be venting all day. Believe me, I will. Go McCain.

I have decided to fast and pray today. I just felt really strongly about doing it yesterday. I was driving home and I got this sick feeling in the pit of my stomach. And I just felt like I should. I know it’s God telling me to so I’m going to do it. It’ll be tough; especially for me! But I’ve been praying since I got up. Drinking water. Everybody should be praying today. All day! Work called me just before I was going to leave and said don’t bother coming in today because it’s so dead. I took it as a good sign that today was meant to be in prayer. I feel good about it. I don’t know what else to say about it.

On another subject, yesterday was me and Rick’s first anniversary of when we met. Woo-hoo! I didn’t want to work but of course I got scheduled to work. So when I got home we decided to go out to Olive Garden to celebrate. It was still a bit early so we waited a couple of hours to go. We had some gift cards so we needed to use those. When we got there we thought it would be pretty dead since it was Monday. But holy cow, it was full. We didn’t have to wait to be seated but there were people waiting. We sat down, our waitress came and “Ellen” offered us wine and we both tried it and it was good. We ordered some yummy spinach/artichoke dip and some tea. We were there eating breadsticks and dip, and soup and Rick’s pasta for at least an hour and a half. Our waitress was amazing. We were so impressed with her. She didn’t let our drinks get empty, she was very attentive and we saw she had a few more tables as well. Rick and I were so impressed with her we gave her a big tip. It is a new place but it was crazy how busy it was. I can’t wait to go back.

I love you ALL
GET OUT AND VOTE (if  you haven’t)


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