“Let the rain fall down, and wake my dreams. Let it wash away my sanity.
Cuz’ I wanna feel the thunder, I wanna scream.
Let the rain come down, I’m coming clean. I’m coming clean.”

I just watched the first half of the first season of Laguna Beach. And if you have never seen it or haven’t ever wanted to, these are the lyrics for the opening song. I have just been in a very writing mood today. Crazy, isn’t it? Anywho.

Watching L.B. is really awesome. I missed it. Like I was there or something and this was like home movies?!? But it does feel like I was there. Maybe not in person. But when I watch it I remember what I was doing the first time I watched it and how awesome I thought it was. I miss it. It feels like it was good times. (Not that now is not good times!) But, I don’t know. It’s different. I have no idea  how to explain what I’m feeling and what I’m thinking. Isn’t that what Xanga’s for? I think so.

My favorite episode so far was when LC, or Lauren for those who haven’t seen it and that one blonde girl for those who never want to see it gets to go to the Blink 182 concert. Though in almost every episode something happens that makes LC upset. That stupid little slut Kristen, who dates on and off again the guy that LC likes. They both show up at the concert too. Nice. And you can tell it hurts LC. I feel bad for her in some weird way. That is weird, isn’t it? It has to be. This happened like how many years ago? Gosh, I think she’s my age…….

I am burning Candied Apples smelling candles. It doesn’t smell as much as when I smelled them before I burnt them! I want a refund!! Not really. They do smell, just not as strong as before. That’s ok.

So now, I am debating on what to do. Rick is working, or so I think. He’s in his office and I’m in bed writing and watching the opening song replay and replay! Should I go to bed? Should I keep on playing online? It’s like midnight…..I should probably go to bed, right? Why am I asking you guys? I do know what I should do. Didn’t I just write in the last blog about how I am not sleeping right. Well, I should go to sleep. So I will

Oh wait. One more thing. Me and Rick are going to Thai Lotus tomorrow night with Ursula. Since Rick passed a really hard computer test today. So…….I hope it goes well.
I love you ALL


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