“I have a lot of friends that go to UCF in the IT field.”

This is what I heard a guy say during a job interview. Not probably what they want to hear. I’m sitting right now in a computer training building while Rick is taking a test here. So, I’m typing away on my laptop(!!!!) and they start all the interviews in the lobby showing them the credentials of the training facility. Really not that exciting because they start off with a Microsoft award! It’s funny. Have you guys seen the new Mac/PC commercial with PC spending all the money on advertising and not on fixing the problems of Vista. Oh, the one where PC beeps Mac everytime he says Vista. That’s a funny one too.

I did not sleep well last night. We slept in the living room with the doors open since it was fairly cool outside. Since the doors were open I had to sleep in the living room. It felt safer. So, Dewey kept on hearing things last night and he would bark and I would wake up while Rick kept on sleeping! Once I was up I couldn’t go back to sleep. It was really hard to at least. I did eventually fall asleep and then as soon as I did it felt like I woke right up again to go to the bathroom. And then Dewey would hear something and bark and the whole thing would start over again. Rough night.

I’ve been watching the Hills online and catching up on all the stuff I’ve missed. Wow, quite a lot. It’s crazy. I need seasons three and four on DVD. Hint, hint for Christmas anyone…….

Rick hooked up a MacMini to our tv and now we have “AppleTV.” Somewhat. Don’t tell Apple. We can watch any tv show from the computer and I am going to start watching the first 90210 all the way through. We have every show ever on. Very exciting. So we watched one episode of the Hills on it but Rick didn’t like it so I’m stuck watching it on my laptop. Which I don’t mind. That way I don’t have to hear his commentary during it!! We can listen to our iTunes and see all of our computers and do stuff with our tv. Very exciting stuff there.

I’m hoping to talk Rick into going out somewhere for lunch. The odds are small and not good for me, so send a little prayer out for me!! Ha, I know those that read this won’t read it till probably long after I’ve sent this out into the web world!
I love you all (anyway)!!


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