“You, change your mind. Like a girl changes clothes. You, PMS like a b****, I should know.”

I am in a be-atchy mood right now. Rick is being a jerk and that is the main reason I’m mad. Angry. Furious. Not actually furious but more like in between. Upset and angry all rolled into one big gigantic mood that I don’t know what to call it. Sometimes I wish there was a manual on marriage because I would buy it for him!! Sure you may be saying “why shouldn’t you read it too?” Well, let me tell you why. I am a caring person. (If you just snickered, you are no longer a friend; or family member!!!) I think I am a nice person who understand that there is two sides to every story (my side should always win) and that you have to give and take( I would for once like to be the one to take).

I won’t even get into what this whole issue is because it’s stupid, and for once I want to stand my ground. And yet I wonder if I should. It’s driving me mad.

The new job is ok. They only have me working like two days a week and that sucks because it’s only like for four hours a day. So, this isn’t going to be paying much. And, the fact that I’m not even part time; I’m seasonal, is driving me bonkers too. So, I feel like feeling sorry for myself. I’m going to read this tomorrow and be “what a baby I was!” Or maybe not. Who knows if I’ll even read this tomorrow. I have to go into work and I won’t have time to even think. I’ll have time, but do I actually want to exert that kind of energy? I think not.

Recently I’ve felt like I haven’t been getting enough sleep. Or I feel tired all the time. I am getting plenty of sleep. Enough for a toddler, I’m sure. But, my body keeps on informing me that I need more. And more. I feel sleep deprived during the day and at night I don’t sleep good. Take for instance now. I’m awake and it’s midnight and my body is telling me that I’m really tired but I can’t sleep. What the heck is wrong with me. And please don’t say the “b” word. And the “b” word is baby. Don’t say it, don’t think it. Don’t even conemplate it!!

Dewey just came in here and plopped down. Maybe I should try and get some sleep. I’ll try.
I love you ALL


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  1. Ok I won’t say it (B).   hee hee. What song is that quote from?   And maybe you should not post all your marital troubles on xanga……people might start to wonder…….. just a thought.

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