“Let me her the sound of the round……….”

I have no idea the rest of the words to that song. That’s probably why if you saw the Christmas play last year at CCC then you would’ve noticed me (or maybe not) lip syncing. I had no clue. Well, the time has come to already start practicing for the play this year. It will be the same play and that does kinda stink, but in other ways it’s better because I think I’m getting a bigger part. I don’t know how much bigger. We’ll see. I say all this and watch me probably get the same role!! Although when I tried out on Saturday Sarah said I was the best!!! I was the only person to audition that brought their own monnologue.

 I memorized a monologue out of Clueless. That’s right. You read correctly. Me, Holly, quoted from the best movie ever. And I did it mainly because it was funny but also because I knew Sarah would think it was hilariuos!! She’s a year younger. She’s from the same era! The era where that movie rocked and every junior high girl watched it a gazillion times!!

 I went to lunch with Sarah afterwards and that’s where she told me that I was going to make it. Like I was worried!! So, I’m really excited about that. Very excited.

 Also, today I got an email from a picture company close to us that is hiring. I sent my resume in yesterday and today I got an email. So I emailed back and said I would very much love to set up an interview!! I am going to call a little bit later. The phone number to her office is in NC. So, I know we can call long distance, it’s just weird to have to? Understand? Very confusing to me. But, it’ll be cool. The company’s name is Portait Innovations. You should go to their site and look at their studio’s. That is groovy.

 Well, I didn’t want to write much because I just found (after many days of searching) the binder that had last years script in it so I can fix it up for this year. Long story, but I’m trying to make it better so people can understand it!!! Sarah said I could be Stage Manager!! That’s right. I’ll get to boss people around!! How fun is that?!?!?!?!? Woo-hoo!!!!!
I love you ALL


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