“Here comes the sun. Da. duh. da. da. Here comes the sun and I say…….”

It’s a lie. That’s what I say. It’s a big fat lie. The sun has gone away. It’s never coming back; the rain hasn’t stopped all day!! Maybe for a few minutes, but that was it!! Stupid tropical whatever Fay is giving us rain, and although good, it is being annoying. Tippy did enjoy looking out the window when we opened the blinds in the living room. Dewey did not. He wanted to hide in the bathroom, and he did! He’s been a pain in the behind lately.

Well, I’m doing a broadcast tonight.  http://www.picturepacket.com  I haven’t done one in two weeks. Danielle had a baby and then I skipped it for band practice! So, I shall resume my Holly’s World show and try to do a good job. There will be a few Olympic stories and that’s obvious since the news is full of them right now since there still going on! I’ll try to talk about other things too!

Were going to an Army retirement ceremony tomorrow afternoon. Don’t know how that’s going to go since it’s raining and will probably be raining tomorrow too. It’ll be inside I bet. Why wouldn’t it be? Anywho. What do you get for a retiring Army guy? Something cheap I might add! Then right after that we’ll have to run back to Clermont where the Kiwanis club is having a wine gala. Rick is setting up something for it so he has to be there to make sure it goes ok. I will be heading to Kissimmee to see mom and dad and the baby. Yeah for me! Then on Sunday I’m going to church to play. That will be really weird since Rick won’t be there and that will be the first Sunday he won’t be there with me……

Well, that’s it for now. I love you ALL


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