“Just another manic Monday……”

It feels like Monday. And that sucks; being that it’s Thursday. It’s the end of the week and it feels like the beginning of the week. Agggghhhhh!!! This past weekend was good. I just wish it was still here!! We went to P.I. and let me tell you about it!

On Friday we woke up early to take the Expedition to get the rear brakes changed. We want to make it up to Indiana (more on that to come) safely!! So we got to Jame’s house at eight and by nine thirty, ten we were out of there. At around twelve, we went to Ocooe to check on some things and then headed straight over to Ellen’s house. Me and her went to get gas in the car while Rick took a nap. When we got back we warmed up some pizza and finally we headed towards Pleasure Island. It was sprinkling and that was killing my spirits!! By the time we actually parked and walked in to the area it had stopped but it looked bad!! We bought our tickets (ten bucks a piece with Ellen’s discount) and we started walking around.

The “clubs” were still closed so we walked into the Adventurers club. It was interesting. Very cool stuff in there. They have a bunch of shows a night. Each one being different since they pick people out of the audience to participate in the shows. I was thirsty and since Ellen was going to be our DD I opted for an “adult” drink!!  I ordered some -tini drink in a very cool cup that kinda glows!! I had to order it at the bar inside the show room since the bartender in the main room was SLOW! I got my drink, didn’t really enjoy the show, but Rick did. So that was fun. Once the show was done I needed a refill so we got one. After that we headed towards the Comedy club but the timing wasn’t right so we headed to 8 Trax to see that place.

We were three of about ten people in there. Very un cool. So, we headed down towards the club I think it’s called Motion. Not sure. We hung out there alot last time because Candy was under 21 and that was one of the clubs that was 18 and up. I danced a little. No one else did. I felt cool. Ha, it was the alcohol talking. They played some good songs including Whoomp there it is. That’s right. I was on the dance floor dancing to that. I was not drunk. I repeat. I was not drunk! After that great song I decided a shot of something would be fun. And my -tini needed refilling!! So I told the bartender to pick out something that would taste fruity. He did and then I told him I wanted to do a shot and to just pour something. I thought Rick was going to do one with me but he chickened out! So I had two shots of Crown Royal and Sour Apple Shnapps!!

After that you could say I was a little shnockered! I was hungry too. So that didn’t help. We went to the comedy club so we could make the next show and in line waiting was a pain in the behind!! We got a seat and the show was pretty funny. I laughed and we got some popcorn. The show didn’t last too long and we headed to Wolfgang Puck’s Cafe to grab something light to eat. By the time we got there they were closed so we decided once we left Pleasure Island we would go to Denny’s. But first we had to go to Mannequins. The place where apparently gay people love. Well, let me tell you that I must be gay because I loved that place!! It was awesome. I have to go back there.

 We didn’t stay there long. We went to Denny’s but first we had to go home so I could put on some sandals! After eating it was quite late, so we headed back to Ellen’s where we were staying the night. We fell asleep quickly and didn’t wake up till late the next day!! Once everyone was awake we ate and then got ready to go to the pool party at Ellen’s apartment complex. We all went over there but it was crowded so we walked over to the second pool they have. We played Marco Polo (which Rick had never played!!). He thought it was fun. Of course there was only three people playing. I think we stayed there about an hour and a half and we went back and got dressed to go to the movies. We decided on Mama Mia but it didn’t start till five ten so Rick went to the bookstore and me and Ellen decided to walk around the mall. I didn’t find anything and we met up with Rick and headed to the movie place so we could find a seat. We got some coke and sat down in some pretty good spot. The movie was pretty good. I love ABBA and so does Rick.

We headed back to Ellen’s and ate some more pizza and then we headed back to the house. So that was our exciting and busy weekend. Now, we’ve been cleaning up and arranging the office and studio and changing things around. Now, it’s Thursday and the house is still a mess and were leaving tomorrow! For Indiana! Grandma Lee and Aunt Sharon have an apartment so she is ready to go back and I told her I would take her. Rick is coming along because Adam can’t leave Danielle. It’s exciting because I can show Rick where I grew up and all of that. I am very exciting. Very. I guess I will end it here. I love you ALL


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