“I could tell you, but then it wouldn’t be fun.”

We just watched House. He was treating a magician and the guy wouldn’t tell House how he did a trick. So he was mad and told him something about his condition. The magician asked what he meant and House responded with the quote. Before House we watched Bones. I hadn’t seen that episode and at the end I jumped and pulled the blankie up over my head! Rick predicted someone was going to jump out with a knife, and guess what? Someone did. I think it was who I thought it was going to be, but my head was covered so I only got a glimpse of him…….Guess I’ll have to buy the seasons when they come out on DVD!!!

On Saturday I drove down to mom and dad’s house. Rick couldn’t come because he had some work that needed to be done. So, I went alone and when I got there no one was there except dad. No one else! Mom and Grandma had taken Conner to get his “summer” haircut and Danielle and Adam were gone to lunch with someone. Everyone didn’t get home for awhile. So I finally started to watch a movie and five minutes in, Danielle and Adam walked in.
 Me and Danielle decided to run to WalMart for last minute things for the baby shower. On our way out mom and Grandma pulled in. They didn’t want to come so we went and bought some things. Once we got back I went with mom and Adam to help Candace move out of her apartment since she can’t move in to her new one till the end of August. So we got everything while it was sprinkling and headed home. We made it safe and sound and Danielle had made the duckie cake. I made the wraps and put them in the fridge. I went to bed shortly after that. I was tired.

 I woke up with a huge headache. Painful throbbing. Everyone helped get everything in order. The watermelon cut, as well as the other fruit, the ham puffs started, the brownies made. Lots of things. But everything was done and guests started to arrive. We played some games and Danielle opened up a butt load of presents!! It was a success! I think so anyway. I guess I can because I “put” it on. I can’t wait till the baby comes now. That’ll be cool!!!

 Well I shall end it here so I can go watch tv while Rick works into the night. Oh, the pain was a pinched nerve in my neck. I got it adjusted this morning and the dr. told me to come back if it returned. Well, unfortunately for me the pain came back after they were closed. It hurts again. And now it’s in my back too! Ouchie!! So as soon as they open at three pm tomorrow I’m there! Big time. Anywho. I love you ALL


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