“Nobody knows…….”

Me and Rick have been watching Grey’s Anatomy. This line is from the opening song. That’s about the only line. It’s kind of lame, I know. But I don’t care. That’s all I have to say about that!!

Saturday morning Joe, one of our friends, came over to help Rick take apart our lawn mower. The something or other was broken and Joe thought he could fix it. He had performed such a miracle a few weeks before and he had mowed our lawn. Until he got the front yard where the mower decided it was sick of being fixed! So that was the reason he was back. So, I decided, since the men were going to be doing “manly” things, I was going to clean. Yes, I know. Exciting. But, I guess you have to do that when your married. Clean, that is.

So I did five loads of laundry……Yes I waited that long. We both have a lot of clothes. And while the loads were being washed I would vacuum and then when I was folding them I would watch an episode of Grey’s Anatomy. So much later that night when I had watched about half of them, Rick and I had supper and watched the rest of the episodes. And then we started in on Season two. And we watched about six episodes of that. Finally I looked at the clock and realized it was quite late and we needed to go to bed. Which we did. And now today, about three hours ago (at 8-ish) we started watching again.

I had to take a break. And so I am here writing. So, somebody please write me and tell me that you still read this. I will still write, I guess, even if noone writes me. I love you ALL


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