“Calm DOWN!!!!!!”

This is Joe screaming (lovingly) at his wife Sammy while canoeing yesterday at Kelly Park. They had just tipped their canoe over for the second time and Sammy was freaking out about being in the water because she can’t swim. Canoeing is something everyone should do before they get married. And when I say that, I mean the couple that is going to get married should go canoeing together. You learn so much about each other!! Joe and me had been canoeing before; me only once. So we were the “pros!” Sammy was funny and scared and hilarious to watch!! She was having fun towards the end as was Rick. Though the last hour was the hardest because by then we were all ready to get out of the canoe!!

It was an eight mile……float? We got the canoe at ten thirty and we didn’t get to the “dock” till three thirty or three forty five. It took us awhile. I was the steer-er. Interesting time. I got mad a few times. I wanted Rick to mind read the direction I wanted him to paddle, but it didn’t work. I need to work on it I guess.

We left for Kelly Park on Thursday. Got here. Set up tents and Joe had to go back and get Sammy. Rick drove him since the coolers were in our coolers and we needed more ice. So I stayed and read Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. I am almost done with it. Second time reading it. I haven’t read the others and I needed to read the whole series before I started the others. They got back about four hours later. I was starting to worry. They got back and we chilled and me and Rick walked around. I had realized before they got back I had walked around and I figured out that I had been here before. This is where we came with the youth group. I think I talked about this last blog.

The swimming place; the springs are closed because of the high bacteria count. So yippee skippee. We couldn’t go swimminng so that was a big downer. But we have had fun. Tonight were cooking steak, bacon, eggs, sausage. Yummy. I can’t wait. It’s starting to get a little dark so I’m going to quit because I want to go and sit next to Rick and chill. I love you ALL


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