“This is the story of a girl; who cried a river and drowned the whole world…….
And though she looks so sad in photographs, I absolutely love her. When she smiles!”

I don’t really know who sings this. Maybe the Cranberries? Maybe not. I have no earthly idea; or unearthly idea for that matter. I’ve been singing in my head and since it’s in my head it’s now on Xanga! Glorious xanga!

We were supposed to go camping last Thursday. Well, I thought we were. Apparently I got the dates mixed up and we aren’t going till this Thursday. Oh well, at least were still going camping, right? I’m happy. Me and Rick just set up out tent we got for our wedding. It took awhile, but I figured it would since it was the first time we’ve ever put it together. It’s really really nice!!! I can’t wait to actually put it up and sleep in it! And not be in our back yard or anything…. Since we, and when I say “we” I mean me, thought we were going camping last weekend I went and got all the groceries we were going to need last week. So, we are all set for food and I’m getting antsy! I just went and bought S’mores stuff last night. Yummy in my tummy!! I think only me and Sammy like S’mores but it really doesn’t matter to me because that leaves more to me and her!

Were going to Kelly Park. There’s some springs there or something. Joe was telling us about it. I wonder if it’s like Rainbow Springs? That was a fun trip. Cold water I remember. And Javier lost his flip flops. Remember? That was funny. Oh, and Andrew and Kyle’s brother (what was his name?) stuck the frisbees to their stomachs?!?!!? Great times.

They just opened a Chipotles across the street. I’m itching to go!! I swear I can smell the food over here! I’m gonna go now. Love you ALL


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