“Get funky with it……Everybody clap their hands!”

Part of the Cha Cha Slide. I made Rick dance this. Very funny stuff. Very fun time.
Our reception was Saturday and it was really nice. The week before was quite stressful and that made us both big grizzly bears but we were able to relax and enjoy ourselves. The food was amazing. I keep on jumping the gun……
We woke up extremely early and started getting ready. We had to do this quietly because we had house guests sleeping on our sofa bed. So taking the dogs out was quite a challenge. Anywho…….I had to run to Target to get somethings that I couldn’t get the day before and Rick got all the computer stuff ready. He left before me to go over there because he had more to set up than I did. I headed over there at nine forty five. (It started at eleven.) I brought Rick’s suit and I forgot his tie so I ran home to get it. Once I got back I waited around for someone to come and help me get dressed. Finally Candy showed up and she helped me until we needed a third person to get me in my dress. Danielle showed up and voila my dress was on!
When I got out of the bathroom more people were there and people were showing up!! At eleven thirty we started to eat and that was fun! The food was amazing. Chicken, jambalaya(my new favorite!), pasta salad, green beans and potatoes. Yummy. I think everyone enjoyed the food.
Our first dance was ok. The DJ played the instrumental version of our song. We kept on waiting for the words to appear but they never did so we just danced. It was nice. Rick kept on telling me that maybe it was just a long introduction but I was like, no, this is it. Then we did the mother/son, father/daughter dance together. It went by fast. And then the real music began!! I told the DJ to play all the classic funny wedding stuff. We danced and danced and I know I made a food of myself. Good times.
It went by way too quickly. But afterwards all the family came back to our house and we opened our presents and that was way fun because we got a lot!!! Now, I have to write all the thank you cards…….
I’m too excited and tired still to write for now. I will more later. I love you ALL


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