“She’s a briiiiiccccccckkkkk house.”

I heard this last Friday night at the Vue. That’s the club were having our reception at.
John had come over earlier and then Michael called and asked if we wanted to go out to eat and so John came along with us. Joe and Sammy met us there as well so we had a nice group all together. We met up at Kazbors. I had never heard of it up until I moved to Clermont. It’s kind of like a sports bar. That type of menu and atmosphere. I had some chicken tenders that made my stomach a little yucky feeling. After we were all done eating Michael said he wanted to go to Vue, so we all got in our cars (John in ours) and we drove the (maybe) two miles to get there. They have door people and they wouldn’t let Rick in because he didn’t have a collared shirt on. Rick was mad and asked to see the owners; whom we know. Kyle came out and pretty much said Rick had to change. I said I would just run back home and get a shirt.

So I drove home and grabbed a shirt and I of course had to change because I was also wearing a t-shirt; but a nice one. So I dressed up a little bit. Came back with the shirt and there’s Rick and John waiting outside for me to get back. They let us in free and we had seats at the bar already waiting for us with Joe, Sammy and Michael. I think we stayed there about two hours before John had to leave. It was getting kind of late, but the only problem was that I had to drive him back to the house because that’s where his car was. Took him back, said goodbye and I drove back to Vue. It was a bit more crowded since it was later and a Friday night. The band was ok. They were called Allure, and I swear that Loraine from PCC was in it. I was going to shout out: LORAINE! but I didn’t think she would hear me! It looked like her though. So I will just assume it is her. I don’t think we left till after midnight. The funniest part of the whole night was Sammy. She and Rick ordered these shots called Sex with an Alligator. I have no idea how they got that name and the only thing I know for sure in them is Jagermeister. So Rick sipped his and Sammy started to but the bartender said it would be easier on you if you just shot it. Like your supposed to! So Rick continued to sip his and Sammy downed hers! It was funny because after that one she was like yuck! Then a few minutes later she ordered another one! Very funny.

Dad’s birthday is this weekend so were going down on Saturday and staying the night. It should be fun. I miss “home.”

We had something break on the Bug. The skid plate, I think is what it’s called. So we have to get that fixed. Exciting stuff. Not really. It doesn’t excite me at all!

More exciting news is that almost all the invitations are mailed. I have to buy one cent stamps for a few of them and then they are done. Except for the ones around Clermont. I don’t have all their addresses yet because my big manly man won’t get the addresses! So, they will get out this week. That is my deadline. It will happen!! It will. And if it doesn’t, than I will be quite mad. Any who. I guess there isn’t that much going on here. I’ll end it here. I love you ALL


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