“Your Everything.”

That’s from the Lighthouse song and I only know it because of the skit that goes along with it. Sarah, our music minister, just emailed me and said that were going to perform it; or at least try to. And she wanted to know if I would help her out. I was like of course. She sent me the link in her email and as soon as the first scene appeared I went right back to my reply and said heck yes I’ll help!! I think this skit is soooo amazing. I copied the link here. I hope it works. I was trying to put it here but we’ll see if it works. If it doesn’t, don’t blame me.

I’m trying to clean some things today. I made myself a list of things that needed cleaned or done…….we shall see how far I get with that. Actually it’s all easy stuff. I just need to motivate myself into doing it. I tried yesterday but I re-organized our bedroom and that took a huge chunk of my time. It’s really clean now and it doesn’t look so cluttered. Rick said he liked it but he had better, right? It’s mainly clearing piles. Like, on the kitchen table there is this pile of stuff there: letters, old papers, receipts and stuff like that. I just need to get things separated and put up. That’s my goal for the day. That and go to the gym. Big goals today. Hopefully at least one will get done!! I want to go to a class at the gym but Rick just likes to work out on the equipment. And I can’t go to a class without someone so…..I’ll just work out with him I guess. If we don’t go it’s not big deal, I’ll just pop in my Pilates DVD and work to that. It’s really a good one. I have it almost memorized. I was doing it every day for awhile and then I stopped. I can imagine how my legs are going to feel after I do the DVD again! Yikes.

Last night there was an Elks meeting. It looks like I’m going to be initiated in two weeks from yesterday. Isn’t that just the coolest? Any who. Dawn, the Exalted Ruler (or head Elk!), was joking with me last night that then I’ll be able to see all the secret stuff that goes on in there. She’s pretty funny. Last night they did installation of officers and I got to go in as a guest. Just for that part of the meeting because I’m not an Elk yet. So it was nice. Rick was re-installed as the chaplain. It’s all just show. Pomp and circumstance. That’s all it is. But it was nice to get to sit in, because I’m a little nervous about the initiation. I’ve heard some “scary” things. Any Elks out there want to give me a heads up? I doubt it, because my own husband won’t tell me anything. It’s crazy too because I’ve read the whole handbook thingy to help Rick memorize his lines. Yes, they have lines to memorize. It’s like a play they put on each meeting. Craziness. But I’m going to be part of it! I think being an officer would be fun, just a little time consuming. Any who. Right after the installation I had to leave and the bartender, Mel, left too. Technically noone is supposed to sit outside at the bar while a meeting is going on but wive’s of officers can. Something like that. So I had me a Sprite. (I told Rick I feel like a little kid asking for a Sprite and all the “big” people around me are drinking beers and wine and what not.) There was a huge storm going on and all of a sudden the lights flickered on and off and they stayed off. Kinda. The lights were on just slightly and the big Budweiser sign was still lit along with the lights showcasing the liquor! But everything else was dark. It was pretty freaky because right before that I was getting ready to go to the bathroom and if I would’ve went then it would’ve been scary for me!!!! We left shortly after the meeting was over and came home and had some ice cream.

I don’t think I have anything else to write about so I’ll leave it here. I love you ALL


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