“Let’s smoke another joint.”

I heard this on the radio the other night and this is the only part of the song that is stuck in my head. I hear Tom Petty sing it over and over and over again. I cannot for the life of me think what words are right in front of those. “Let’s get to the point.” So, there ya go. Blonde at work. Stand back. These things come from nowhere. Or anywhere. I don’t know. I had to go to Poinciana the other night spur of the moment to pick up some “medicine.” That whole thing made that day very crazy. Let’s just say that Lake County does not know what they are doing!! Any who. I went to Poinciana and visited Tally and Audrina since mom and dad were both at work. I stayed there till I had to leave for band practice. I got there in really good time and I made it there early. Choir practice is first and that was fine. Were singing this Sunday so we ended up practicing that song like five times. Which I guess is good, so we know we have it now. Hopefully.

Last night we went to a BBJ concert. “We” are friends with the band and I say it that way because I married into being friends with them. They are nice guys but just not my type of music. Hard core metal. Almost screaming……….ok. They do a few cover songs like Pantera and Rob Zombie. Not at the top of my CD’s to buy list, I’ll tell you that. So, it actually wasn’t bad because they asked me to video them while they played so I didn’t have to sit around. I put my beautiful purple ear plugs in and video-ed away. We didn’t get out of there till after midnight and we were starving; and the place didn’t have any food. So we went to Dennys at one in the morning and ate some food and came home and went to bed. Rick was sweet and got up at eight to take the whining dogs out and I stayed in bed till much later. I figured I needed my beauty sleep for the big charity ball tonight.

I was quite excited about going up until about an hour ago. I got out of bed, well it’s been more than an hour, and I came down to say good morning to Rick who was busy working. As we were talking he went to grab his tea and it spilled all over the place and some got on his keyboard. His beautiful Apple keyboard. (A little back story: I’m kinda moody a.k.a. emotional this week………..if you don’t get it too bad.) The first words out of his mouth, well right after oh crap, were well the day was going good. So me, in my emotional state, go straight to thinking that it’s my fault for his day going bad and I know that’s not what he meant at all but any who……. That’s why I’m not too excited about going tonight. Because right now he’s trying to fix his keyboard and he’s talking that he might have to buy another one. It’s hard to be excited about something now………… I’ve been waiting and very excited about this for a whole month and now I don’t even know if I want to go. I take that back. I still want to go.
Anyway this blog is just going downhill. I love you ALL


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