Sunrise Service

“He is Risen!
He is Risen Indeed!”

Ellis and Erica (or whatever her name is) said this multiple times this past Sunday morning. We went to the Easter Sunrise service at Sea World again. It was fun. We got up at four forty five to leave at five fifteen. Adam and Danielle didn’t go because they had to drive to south Miami for a wedding. Seriously who get’s married on Easter? Crazy people. So it was mom and dad, Candace, John, and me and Rick. We took dads truck and that was fun because Candy had to sit in the front and there isn’t a seat there so she was leaning up against my knees. How enjoyable!! It actually wasn’t bad so I shouldn’t complain! But I will if I want to because this is my blog. That’s right. If you think this is yours you are way way wrong. So, the picture isn’t of this year. It’s from last year. Like you could tell? None of us brought a camera. The sun was actually already up once the speaker was speaking. Last year the sun didn’t come up till he started preaching. A little different this year. That’s ok though. Change is good. Any who….. The speaker was amazing. Steve Brown is sooo cool; I love him! His voice is groovy. So deep. His sermon was pretty good. He joked about being up at ungodly hour. Very funny guy. Last year a few rows down there was this guy who kept on standing up and raising his hands and saying (loudly) Hallelujah! Jesus! All the time. During the songs and during the speaker. This year it was just during the songs but me and Candy heard him as soon as he did it and we looked at each other. Funny stuff.

We got to go home for Saturday night and that was awesome. I miss “home.” I miss it all! Audrina is huge. As huge as she was last week! Tally is just the cutest dog in the whole world and I miss her so much. You know something, I didn’t see Dedimona at all this past trip there. We got to the house at around six thirty I think and we had to leave at like noon. We may have left a little earlier. It was a fun trip. On Saturday night before Candy got there we got out the egg coloring kit and that was fun. I had a rule that you couldn’t have a mono colored egg!! I kept on yelling it. Mainly at Adam because he didn’t seem to be getting it!!! John was taking too long but his eggs did look nice. See, I don’t have the patience to keep them in the color for too long!! All my eggs are pastel because of it!

On Sunday night after we spent time with Ursula me and Rick went to Michael’s new house. He’s Rick’s acupuncturist. He just bought a new home and he’s quite excited about it. I was too. It was beautiful. It wasn’t huge but it wasn’t small. I think it was only three bedrooms but it was a nice size. His back yard is amazing. Really big. He was telling us all his new plans for everything. It’s cool. He has a giant Schnauzer. Wow, I have no idea how to spell that. Let’s just say he’s huge. His name’s Cowboy and he is so well trained. He just got a new dog too and her name is Harley. He got her from a shelter and she’s such a cutie. I have no idea what she is but Michael told me twice what she is. Any who. We had a really great time there but we were sooooo tired. So we left and went home and watched some Axe Men and went to bed. I guess that’s it for now. I love you ALL


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