“She said: I’ve been to the year 3000. Not much has changed but they live under water. And your great great granddaughter is doing fine.”

Who doesn’t love the Jonas Brothers? I’m sure there are actually quite a few people that do not enjoy them. Well, I like them. I will admit it. Your just crazy if you don’t! And they were on tour with Hannah Montana!! Holy cow. What a ticket. Wish I would’ve gone to see them both! Oh well….maybe I’ll catch them in a few years. When VH1 does a Where are they Now concert! It crazy out there. In band world. I guess. I’m just taking a stab in the dark right now. I have no idea how it goes for bands. Anywho. I’m working, take that back, was working. And now I’m typing on here because it seems like it’s been weeks since I’ve written. Well, Rick is working and he has the radio on and that song came on and now it is my quote for this xanga posting. (It’s showing that I spelled Xanga wrong. Isn’t that weird; couldn’t they have manipulated spellcheck into thinking that xanga was a word?? Rick keeps on telling me how to fix the problem and now he’s telling me that xanga is a proper word or name or whatever and it should be capitalized and I am not going to do it! So there!!

We went to the chiropractors today. Been needing to. It has been two weeks and I sure felt it. We both got Dr. Paul today. He is so freaking hilarious!! His jokes are funny. It took me a minute because after he said something I had to do this like double take and figure out if he had just said what I thought he had said. And he had. So I laughed a little late. That’s me: the blonde who doesn’t get anything!! He looked at my x-rays and said I needed decompression or whatever. I already knew that but Dr. Paul kind of invented some new techniques I guess and that’s what he was talking about. So I headed to the “back.” It’s not that bad. Well, actually it is. I am sore now, but apparently I will be fine. (I have no curve in my neck. That is a big bad thing.) They had me sit down in a chair and they put this rope thingy around my neck with a weight on it on a pulley. So it was pulling my neck forward and then they put this head brace thingy over my head that had a big weight pulling my head back. It was the most uncomfortable thing in the world. And Dr. Paul said that this stuff wasn’t made for comfort. He was right. I will never doubt him again! But I was only in this contraption for a few minutes but they said they work me up to twenty minutes and then they change the weights and go up again. Yikes.

Happy St. Patricks Day everyone. I am wearing my fancy dancy four leaf clover scarf I got in New York. Chinatown I think. I really can’t remember. I know I got one for Candy and one for me. It’s nice. I have it in my hair. It’s to take the focus off my un-brushed hair. See, I forgot my hairbrush at mom and dads house this past weekend. So, I have no brush at the moment. Yikes again!

Obviously we went to mom and dad’s house this past weekend as if you couldn’t have guessed, right? Rick had a really relaxed weekend and that is good. On the other hand I had a stressful weekend because I was so scared that his cell phone was going to go off and we were going to have to drive all the way back to Clermont for some emergency. So I was thinking about that the whole time. But it was a good time. We went to Old Town on Saturday and me and mom were going to go on the Sky Coaster but we met Danielle and Adam for dinner and after that we were so full we just drove home and relaxed. Adam and Danielle came over and brought the Wonderful Wii and we played some Ray Man Bunny something or other. Funny stuff. That is a fun game. I think we went to bed at twelve thirty and then at two thirty Rick woke me up and I was in a bad mood. We had to wake up at six something and that put me in a worse mood, so needless to say I was unhappy going to church. Grrrrr. One of the singers, Mark kept saying bible verses to me and tried to make me feel better and it did. He is such an encourager. I love playing bass at church. I have so much fun. I just wish I didn’t have to go to practice sometimes!
Well, I feel as if I wrote enough. I love you ALL


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