“Are you hungry Dewey??”
I just asked Dewey this. He didn’t answer me so now he has to wait!

I just finished the last piece of a chocolate Santa that I got for Christmas. Don’t judge me. I needed some chocolate! It was nice and tasty after all of these months. Quite tasty. And just in time too. Easter coming up and all!! Nice chocolate bunnies. And those yummy eggs with the cream inside; which I can’t think of the name right now. I will in about a paragraph or two. I’m sure of it.

This past weekend was Pig on the Pond. I’m pretty sure I talked about it. Well, I know I mentioned that it was coming up. It came. I went. I did get a t-shirt. Oh yeah. And a funnel cake. Actually two. Got some popcorn. A nice sandwich. Sprite. Deep fried Snickers. Oh yeah again. Good times. Sort of. To start at Friday morning you would find me trying to sleep and Rick waking up telling me he doesn’t feel well. And he’s calling someone about when we should be over at the office to help take things to the park. Finally at like ten we made our way over to the Chiropractors office to load things into the Expedition. I’m grumpy. He’s grumpy. The whole world’s grumpy!

Rick was telling Dr. Paul that he had some congestion and Paul told him the best cure he knew of was to go home and have some ……………………………. (Sex was in there.) Rick told me I couldn’t write that. What a party pooper. I thought it was hilarious! It was funny hearing Paul say that. That put is in a better mood. That he said it, not that we did it. Anywho. Got things loaded up and we headed out. The tent was already set up and the main project was putting the banners up. What a challenge that was. It was very windy and trying to lift big metal poles and hold them up was a little difficult. The other guy helping us got pulled down with the wind. And let me tell you something, he’s a tough guy. He works at the gym and is quite muscular. I went around taking pictures and that was fun. I got some good shots.

We had to leave at six thirty because we had to go home to change clothes so we could go to Kissimme to go ice skating. That was fun. Rick didn’t skate but I did!! Fun, fun!! At one point the electric slide came on and we all got out in the middle of the floor and we tried doing it! It had to be the most hilarious thing in the world to see. After that song Cotton Eye Joe came one and some of the group tried it. That was funny too. I wish we had a camera out there. Funny stuff. We went for Candy’s 22nd birthday. I was going to get her a tu-tu but I didn’t. Completely forgot!! I think it was a good birthday. I guess I don’t know, it was hers; not mine. Well, I had fun there so that’s all that matters! Got cold. I think we ended up leaving there at ten thirty. Somewhere around there. It was pouring outside when we left so we ran to the car and jumped in! Rick was yelling at me “I’m not opening your door!” I was like “ok!” The rain was sooo bad. We have Rain-x on the window and I think it’s crappy. I would rather use my windshield wipers. I think they do an awesome job. Anywho. Got home finally and went to bed. Before that we had to run the dogs and feed them. Those dang dogs! I hate responsibility!!

The next day we were supposed to be at the park at like eight or nine and we didn’t get there till like ten-ish. I was upset since I didn’t get the hot chocolate I was promised! The day went ok anyway. Well, besides a huge mishap. See, the gym put on a demonstration of a class they offer. It was kickboxing. The guy in charge, who shall remain nameless, was a complete moron. Or at least that’s my take on him from only seeing him once! He put the music for the demonstration on his Ipod and didn’t bring a connector; or whatever. So Rick drove home and got back with one but they had already found one. So Rick is like soaking wet and he’s sick so he’s complaining about that and it’s funny and horrible at the same time. I don’t know how to explain it.

Mom and dad came and that was awesome. I miss seeing my mom everyday. So they came and we walked around to every booth they had and had some junk food and some fun. Once they left they went to some swing dancing thing and me and Rick left shortly after they did. Went home and chilled. Watched a movie and went to bed early. On Sunday we both felt yucky. Rick felt so bad he didn’t go to church and I didn’t stay all of second service. Once I got home though I went straight to bed and slept for awhile. Whew!

This upcoming weekend me and Rick are going to mom and dad’s house for the whole weekend. I cannot wait. I know Rick’s excited as well as mom! I’m going out to lunch with her tomorrow. That’ll be good. It always is. Oh, and this weekend is Yazmine’s fourth birthday party. I’m excited about that one because, Danielle hold your breathe!, it’s at Chuck E. Cheese’s!!!
I’m gonna go get ready for bed! I love you ALL


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