“Anybody can be a Beer Bottle Junkie!”

I’ll explain in a minute.

Today is Sunday. Well, I lie. Wait, no I don’t… it’s still Sunday. My clock in front of me, not on the computer, says twelve oh five but I looked on the computer and it says eleven oh seven. So I’m going with the computer clock. I think that’s wise. So, it’s Sunday. Went to church. Had to wake up way too early. Oh, do I hate mornings. Maybe I should start with last night and why we had to wake up early….. not early, just not enough sleep.

Ok, we went to a concert last night in Altamonte Springs. Rick, and technically me, have a friend in a metal rock band. There called Beer Bottle Junkies. (That’s where the quote is from.) They happened to be playing in some bar in Altamonte Springs. Timmy Macks Irish Bar. Something like that. Let me tell you first off that you should stay far away from this bar!!! I can’t say that I’ve been in quite a few bars but this has to be the worst!! They didn’t even get on stage till eleven. Close to it at least. They played for an hour. Maybe they got on at eleven thirty. Maybe so. Can’t remember right now. Sleep deprived. So, I am quite sleepy because we didn’t get out of there till one something in the morning. We did not get home till two and then the dogs had to be let out. And fed. So while I fed the dogs Rick was supposed to take the dogs out. Way long story short, I took the dogs out and fed them. Well our girl dog, Tippy, is in heat. Yes, the excitement. Well it’s driving us all, Dewey included, bonkers!! Well, when I let Dewey out, we leave him out at night and he was walking around and I went to bed. Rick was walking through the living room and I hear him yell at Dewey and send him to his cage. Turns out Dewey was marking his territory! So, needless to say that Dewey has been in his cage a lot recently. Long story, long: We didn’t get to “bed” till after two thirty! And we had to leave the house at seven am!!

At church I stayed awake and that was awesome. Praise the Lord!! Mom and dad came to church for second service and then we went out to lunch. Went to Chili’s. Loved it. Great service today. Last time we went there we waited, literally, an hour just to get a drink. Craziness! I got these awesome chicken fingers with gravy. How can you go wrong with chicken and gravy?? I love it! Afterwards we, and when I say we I mean me, drove home. Got home and went to bed. We only slept three hours before we woke up. Funny little side story…..sometimes it’s not funny!! But in the mornings sometimes Rick will wake up first and he’ll roll over and wake me up. I’ll finally get up and then he’ll roll over and try to go back to sleep. Felt the need to share!

I was thinking about Valentine’s day because I helped Yazmine go through her Valentine cards. You know how in school you exchange Valentine’s Day cards? Well, I was reading who they were from and what good candy they gave her. Had to test some in case it was poisoned; just kidding. Anywho, I was thinking about when I was a wee munchkin and getting all those cards. I actually wasn’t wee. I was in fourth grade. Mrs Meadows. The year I had a “talking problem.” It was Valentine’s Day and I had Barbie Valentines. Don’t laugh. Barbie was hot! Not hot, like I love me some Barbie. She was hot, like way way way cool!! That’s right. I played with Barbies. I’m not ashamed to admit it. So I had these Barbie Valentines and I remember that I didn’t really look at the cards as I was putting names on them and this one boy, who I might add was like my best friend in second grade, made fun of me because of the cards. I gave him one that said something to extent of will you be my Ken. Something like that. I remember him laughing at me and getting everyone to make fun of me because of them. Man, that started off really awesome; such a great memory and that just ended like bam! That sucked. I didn’t realize how sad I feel about that. Isn’t that ridiculous. Go Barbie! And that’s all I have to say about that!! I love you ALL


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