“Get R done.”

I watched Delta Farce last night and Larry the Cable Guy was in it and he said this a few times. Ulrik had to go do the Elks thing last night so I was home last night all by myself. I had to find something to watch and that movie popped out in the shelf and shouted at me: “Watch me!” So I obeyed like a mindless drone that I am. I put it in. Kinda funny. Well, it had some funny parts in it. There was some stupid parts too. I think I want to watch that new movie with Larry in it too. It sounds stupid but I thought Health Inspector was funny. Anywho…….

I didn’t have to go to work on Monday and Tuesday because Judy and Yazmine were sick. So I got a little vacation! It didn’t end up being a vacation becuase me and Rick ended up working in the house both days. I was scanning old documents and getting things on the computer straightened out. Sort of. It was fun just being at home with him. I really enjoyed it. I think he did too. He’d better. But I’m at work today becuase Bobby needed help! He texted me this morning and was like please come help me!! So I am here. And Judy’s in her room sleeping and Yazmine’s in her room sleeping. So, I’m sure she’s going to wake up soon and then I’ll have to get off the computer. I am ready for a nap now too because I have worked my butt off like I was here on Monday and Tuesday.

I love you ALL


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