“The touch. The feel. Of Cotton.”

Does anybody else find these commercials hilarious? It’s February, right? So everyone knows that it’s Black History Month. Right? (And if you didn’t know, then you must not be around any tv or radios because they seem to think the world has forgotten what month it is. Why can’t February just be known for Valentine’s Day? That’s it. Anywhoo…..) I was watching tv the other day. Possibly yesterday and this add for cotton comes up. And it’s going on about everything great about cotton. As it’s going over the great qualities of cotton the background is a cotton field. Get it? Black history month. Cotton fields. Now do you get it? If you don’t, comment and I’ll explain. I laughed my butt off and I told Bobby and Judy about it (both of them black) and they laughed too. Funny stuff. What will they think of next?

So tomorrow is the “big day.” Big day being Valentine’s Day. Exciting and nerve wracking at the same time. I don’t know what to do……and I don’t know if Ulrik has something planned or not. It’s not like he has to have something planned but I’ve never really had a Valentine. (Romantically.) So does it make sense for me to expect something? Right now I’m trying to tune my brain into thinking of nothing. Expecting nothing; so that way if nothing does happen (or whatever) I won’t be dissapointed. (It’s sad that I might be dissapointed anyway. I can’t get this mindset out of my head.) And if something does happen then I’ll be extra happy and excited because I wasn’t expecting that. Am I making any sense at all? I keep trying to pry information out of Ulrik but I can’t tell if he’s lieing to me or he’s actually telling me the truth when he says he doesn’t know what were doing. I just have to remember that happiness is a choice and tomorrow I am going to choose to be happy no matter what because I am with the love of my life and I get to be with him forever! And I don’t need chocolates………..

Talking about chocolates, I saw this V-day (is that appropiate to say?) card at Target that had this man and woman on the front of it. They were talking and the lady was saying “You know, size really does matter.” And the guys face is kinda shocked. On the inside of the card the lady’s holding a huge box of chocolates and it says something about how the bigger the box of chocolates the better. I thought it was funny. I didn’t get it, I got this really good one though. Can’t put it on here because Ulrik might read this before tomorrow!

I may be getting ready for a job change. It’s a little earlier than I expected to but just pray for me. I don’t know if you should pray that I get it or that I don’t get it. Just pray. Because I need it. Anywho….I love you ALL and if you don’t have a Valentine for tomorrow I would love to be yours!!!


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  1. I’ll be your valentine!!! I don’t think V-day is appropraite. I’ve seen a card like that. I hope you get the job. I hope Valentines day is amazing!!!     I have school today.

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