This always happens to me. I get to Xanga, I click new weblog and then all of a sudden I forget my quote that I was going to use. Everytime. Does this happen to anybody else? Does anybody else still write on Xanga? Does anybody still read this? Anywho……I shall overcome. I will think of a new quote.

“I’m forever your girl.”

Paula Abdul. Ulrik had this video and many others from the eighties and we were watching them last night. It was funny watching them. Some of the people I had no idea who they were or the songs. Rick of course knew them all. The best one was the Paula Abdul one. No, I take that back. It was Tone Loc’s Funky Comidina. I love that song. I have it memorized and now it’s going to be stuck in my head all day. It’s a good song to have stuck in your head. Catchy.

This morning me and Ulrik were eating our cereal outside on the back porch with the screen door slightly ajar. Were eating away when all of a sudden Dewey tries to come in the back porch with a stick about four feet long! It was soooo funny because he’s holding the stick and he keeps backing up and trying again. Staight on. So the stick is longways and obviously he can’t get in. He backed up and tried I don’t know how many times. Finally it fell out of his mouth and part of it came in the door so he picked it up and was able to finagle it in the door. Then we had to yell at him to take it back outside. It was funny. His look was “I just got this inside and now you want me to take it back out the door? Your crazy!” I had to get up and pick it up and throw it outside. I thought he was going to take me down!!

Today is the really long day. Every week, after work, I go to choir practice and then right afterwards is band practice. So that’s not over till nine pm. And then it takes me almost an hour to get home. But most of the time me and Sara have “girl time” and I go over to her house and talk for awhile. It’s really fun. I don’t have any friends close by and it sucks big time that everyone lives so far away. But, anywho… use thinking about it. I love my life. I’m blessed.

Anywho….moving on. Anyone know anybody in the market for a new car????? Were trying to get rid of the Bug and any help we can get the better. Please email me if you know someone. Please. I love you ALL



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