“IIIIIIIIIIII want to rock and roll all day.
And party every night!”

As I’m reading that it doesn’t sound right. Does it to anybody else? It seems like I wrote it down wrong. Well, I don’t know. If someone cares enough to check tell me if it’s right or wrong. Right now, it’s not bothering me.

Ulrik is talking to me right now. And I’m typing. Is that wrong? He’s telling me about Britain and water and something about cancer. And the drugs in the water. Should I be listening? Seriously not caring about Britain and their water. I want to work…..which is strange, right? But can’t do that yet. Well, I had to pause because he looked at me….. I had to pay attention. Hee hee. I know he’s going to read this, and I love you honey.

Candy is coming over today and were going to Buffalos. It’s this awesome restaurant over here. Right across the street. They have some great food. Now, I can’t really say that. I’ve only been like five times and I’ve gotten the same thing every time. It is the best though. It’s called a burrito wrap. AWESOME!! It comes with these chips that are just perfect and the wrap itself is soooo amazing. I can’t wait to go now. She just pulled up. I gotta go……
I love you ALL


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