I’ve been trying to think of a quote and my mind is, as usual, drawing a blank. I know that’s a big surprise to everyone, isn’t it? Anywho……..let me think. Could be awhile. Oh, ok. I’ve got one.

“That looks bad.”
This was sad to me on Saturday afternoon by my loving husband Ulrik. He had just seen my stupidity as marked on my arm by the oven. (I burned myself.) Not on purpose mind you…..accident. Stupid me!! See, I had just taken the casserole out of the oven to cool and like an idiot lifted my hand a little too soon!

Mom and dad and Ursula came over on Saturday to eat dinner with us. The first time we’ve had anyone over. Exciting stuff. So I thought I would make something new. Saw the pictures in the recipe book and tried them out. Chicken lasagna and Sweet potatoes with apples. Very yummy stuff if I do say so myself. I was a real idiot when I first put them in the oven. I was trying to time it just right for it to be done when people got there. I put them in the oven and I turned it on. I waited and waited and the light didn’t come on. The oven didn’t get hot. I went to down to the office and asked Ulrik if there was something special you had to do to turn the oven on. He was like no. But he came up to the kitchen and looked at it for me. Loe and behold, Holly forgot to turn the other knob (the one that actually turns it on) on.

So anywho things got cooked and everything turned out really good. Mom and dad brought me some jelly beans which I am eating now. Yummy, yummy!! And Ursula brought me some flowers from her garden. Very pretty ones with thorns….ouchy again. They actually did the dishes when we were done too so everything was great. Hee, hee. I think they should come over more often!!!

I made this awesome breakfast casserole this morning. Well I think it’s awesome. Ulrik had an emergency call and he had to leave while I was making it so he’ll have to eat it when he gets back. I was cooking the bacon for it when he got his call and he kept on eating every piece that would be done. As soon as I’d set the bacon on the paper towel he’d snatch it up! I quit making it till he left!! Not actually. I just quit taking it out of the frying pan! Maybe tonight I’ll try this chili recipe I saw in the same book as the lasagna casserole. Maybe. It sounds easy enough.

It’s about one so I guess I’ll end things here. I have to leave in thirty minutes to go pick up Yazmine and then head into work….oh the life! I love you ALL


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