Sky? Blue.
China? Traitors.

This is a new game that me and Ulrik have been playing. Sure, you have no idea what “game” I’m playing but chill out because I’m going to explain it to you. Ok? It’s easy to understand. First I say a word. Any word. Take for example: Sky. Then Ulrik says the first thing that comes to mind. Like: Blue. So, there you go. Our amazing new “game.” We usually play it in the car wherever were going. It’s really fun.

Ulrik has been staying at our house for the past few days. I think he came over on Saturday? Maybe Friday night? I don’t exactly remember what day…..but anywho. He’s been over. Along with Dewey and Tippy. They’ve been having a ball. Dewey and Audrina are having a great time because they play so well together. They play tug-of-war, and it is so fun to watch them. Hilarious to watch them try to get the other one to chase them. Tally didn’t really like Tippy at the begining but now she’s warming up to her. They fight a little, play a little………

Tippy’s been sleeping with Ulrik and Dewey and Tally have been sleeping with me in my room. It’s cute because Tally will be laying down and Dewey will go over and lay his head on her. She’ll growl a little bit and then stop and they’ll sleep like that. I wish everyone could see it because it’s so adorable. Anywho. Mom said the first day I think, “this is like watching the grandkids……”

Four more days. And that’s all I have to say about that………not really. I’ll write more later on the whole thing. Which there is alot to say……..
But for now….I love you ALL


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