“Feliz Cumpleanos……feliz cumpleanos……..”

I can hear Dora the Explorer singing this over and over in my head. Somebody make it stop! I’m not sure how that got in my head. Well, actually I have an idea. (Light bulb is on above my head!) I did some silly myspace survery today, I can’t stop myself from doing them….it’s an addiction. Anywho……..one of the questions was what song is in your head right now? The person who I was copying it from said the “map” song from Dora the Explorer. So then the theme song was in my head and I wrote that. So now I’m thinking Dora the Explorer and mom’s birthday was just this past week so there you have it. Feliz Cumpleanos.

So, on Wednesday was mom’s birthday. Very exciting stuff. Me and Ulrik, Danielle and Adam and mom went to Garibaldi’s and had a really great time. We ate sooo much. It was awesome. Our waiter was awesome. We told him it was mom’s birthday and he made her wear the sombrero and they brought out a dessert for her; even though we had just ordered dessert and ate it!!!
m_7cf9957d30c68d820d164ae738acbda0 m_21c6bf9a8bd1aaa90f6f03609d188163 m_c64861a0a4132eb2a4b6423e92b2d0a5

Then on Friday I went to Disney with Ulrik. We ended up going to Epcot only. Ulrik of course loves Germany so we, and when I say “we” I mean him, decided we were going to eat there. Honestly it wasn’t bad. I was expecting something really weird and disgusting. But it wasn’t bad. It was good. Overall the day was exceptionally good. Great. I made Ulrik take a picture with Santa and Mrs. Clause. He thought I was being silly but I was very serious. The picture is funny because it looks like my boobs are in Santa’s face and Santa’s grabbing my belly!
m_c78c3e4ec6cdf9b9380af615b720db17 m_a0967bdc09a800da3d8f263c95840d78 What do you guys think?? Mrs Clause told Santa to back off!! No, she didn’t. She said something. And it was funny. But I can’t remember. Anywho….here are some more pictures of our day together….
m_5ddf58f660b591c3ca8939d88d302855 m_710eae5d7f15d47d308c4fc4eff226c5 m_ae4b19a6836050d4b82de9e4a8afb78f
This last picture reminds me of The Man Show. Anybody remember that show? Jimmy Kimmel and Adam…..something. I used to love watching that show. I know, I know. I’m a girl. And yes I realize that show was made for “men.” But I thought it was hilarious. I wanted a beer just so I could do the chug…..OY, OY, OY!! Anywho……I miss it…..Anybody want to buy it for me for Christmas??? Just throwing that out there.

I’m gonna go for now. I think I’m gonna leave a bit early today. I love you ALL



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