“It may be hazardous to your health…..”

I was “surfing” the web and I thought of that line. I wasn’t actually surfing the whole thing. More like just Yahoo headlines. I clicked on one video to watch about something on the view and Christians and then I watched a video that had Jenna Bush calling the White House. And then I clicked on the next one about some computer guy who made a song about life……and in the video I saw a picture of Kevin Rose. I know. Most of you are like “who is he?” Well, apparently he’s a very wealthy man. He was in Newsweek (or something) and the headline was “how he made 60 million in 18 months.” Yeah. I’ve seen him though on DiggNation.com. If you have some time and don’t have anything else to do: Go there!! Funny show. Him and his co-host are hilarious. Ulrik has me hooked on it. I can’t think of the other guys name……..anywho. The quote is from their intro. That’s all.

Wedding planning is coming along. Mom thought I had written the date down on here but I checked and I didn’t so I don’t know what she’s talking about!! Crazy mommy. We went to Michaels last night to “look” around. Found something. Thought of something. Danielle met us out there and we went to Wendy’s to grab a bite to eat. Ate our food and mom wanted to go check the movies so instead of walking straight to the movie theater we walked all the way back to the car which was parked by Michaels to put the food for Adam in there. Then we walked to the movie theater. I didn’t really want to go because I wanted to start going through my things. (See what I want to keep and what I don’t want to keep.)

Got to the movie theater and were checking out the movies. Didn’t find anything and Danielle didn’t want to see anything……that’s right Danielle: I went there!!!!! So we walked down the “strip” to some dress store. What it was called has escaped me but it’s there. Tried on some dresses. Didn’t buy anything. Walked down to Yankee Candle because Danielle just HAD to go in there!! (Poor Danielle!) Walked around. Mom tried to trip me. I almost fell back on her. Fun times. Fun times. When we walked in I pretended to gag and I told Danielle I was dieing…….she said at least I’ll smell good! (The witty comebacks she comes up with…….) After that wonderful store we went into Ross where walked around the entire store for nothing. Just looked. So finally after that we walked back to Michaels because I thought they might have some pretty paper for our Christmas newsletter. They didn’t. So we ended up leaving then and driving home.

Where I proceeded to work on my room and mom worked on Christmas cards with Audrina and Tally’s help! I had the biggest bag of crap to get rid of. I put it by the front door this morning and when I woke up this morning the trash guys came. They were early so I was running out of the house dragging this huge butt bag of crap in my jammies!! I was telling them they were too early. They laughed. They thought I was crazy and they probaly wondered why I didn’t bring any water out for them. See, normally I’ll bring them coke or water out and some snacks for them if I see them. My dad will too. He started it really. I’m just following in his footsteps….

The play is tonight again. Excited stuff. We got a DVD of last weeks. It has the engagement on it so I’m excited to hear it. And see it. My mom wants a copy so I have to remember to ask Sarah for it tonight. Hopefully I’ll remember. Anywho………I’m gonna go. I love you ALL


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