“Will Holly please come up here?”
“I said yes!!”

These were two things that were said last night at the Dessert theater at church. Last night was the first night of the Christmas play that I’m in. Ulrik is helping with the lights so he was of course there and has been there for a few practices now.

Back to last night……..it started off with the choir singing “Sound of the Round.” (Little side story: the choir was supposed to wear all black…..Holly wears a brght red shirt in the play with black pants. Therefore Holly is the only one in the choir wearing a different color!) Now, I haven’t fully memorized these words yet and during practice I messed up big time. Therefore half of the song was then lip synched. So when it came time to go on stage and everything I tried singing all the right words. I think I got about 80% of them. No one said it sounded bad, so I’ll let it all go…….

After that Pastor Mark got up on stage and led us in some Christmas carols. I went back to my seat at the back of the room in the corner with the rest of the cast who didn’t have their family with them. (Extra side story: mom, dad, Candy, Danielle, Adam, Nils, Bobby and Judy were there.) So were singing away and we get to Winter Wonderland. (This truly is a blonde moment!) During the song it says something about “are you married?” And stupid ole me was thinking those aren’t the words…..I always sang merry……..so anywho. I’m thinking all that and then all of a sudden the music stops and I hear Pastor Mark go what are you doing up here…..what’s going on?

Ulrik was walking on stage and he told Mark that he needed to see me up on stage. So Mark is looking out in the audience and he asks “Where’s Holly?” Well I’m sitting in the very back and I raise my hand ever so slowly! So I stand up and start walking towards the stage meanwhile looking at all the people sitting there standing around. I get up there and Mark is like “I feel like I’m in the way.” But he stays and Ulrik says: “Holly, will you marry me?” Of course my response was yes but Mark had pulled the microphone back so I say into the mic “I said Yes!” Everyone clapped, he put the ring on my hand and we walked off the stage shaking!!

We walked to the back and mom and Candy and everyone came back and we hugged and cried and hugged some more and talked about it and then hugged some more. Finally we had to get back to our seats and all that so we kissed and he went to the sound booth and I went to my seat. I was shaking so bad!!! I was thinking he should have asked after the play so I could get through it.

But it turned out really good. I didn’t miss any lines. I only counted three mess ups. I messed up on the Joy to the World dance. Only slightly though. Mom and Candy didn’t even notice. Michelle messed up one line but we all got through that. And Matt forgot or was late singing something but that worked out well too. I really like that play. I’m glad were doing it three times and not just once. After the play was over we went back and talked to mom and dad and everyone till everyone eles practically was gone. They left and we kept on being congratulated! It was nice!! We went out to the mall area and sat down and had some cheesecake and then we left! I was beat. I think Ulrik was too. It was quite a long day.

I totally didn’t even mention the Chili’s incident earlier in the day. We were at Chili’s in Winter Haven for like three hours. And they weren’t happy, were having fun three hours. They were: where the heck is our drink refills and our food and the waitress?? It was rough. I went and spoke to the manager and then after another hour we told the manager to come over and Sarah talked to her. So we got half off our checks. Turned out good. So……..long day………….

I love you ALL


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